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Frugal Ways to Live Greener and Healthier at Home

Environmental and Health Tips at Colors 4 Health

Do you think of your home and garden or apartment as your castle, and want it to be a place that's a sanctuary, a healthy, green haven for your family and you?

Look below to find 

Frugal Ways to Live Greener and Healthier at Home

This post has been updated 9/8/2021

Greening your living space to enhance your health and lifestyle is as simple and economical as taking one small step at a time.

1. Improve the air quality of your home or apartment by installing and properly maintaining a carbon  monoxide detector. 

Read "Carbon Monoxide's Impact on Indoor Air Quality" from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Get information and tips about preventing serious illness or death from carbon monoxide poisoning, from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention too.

CDC Infographic Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

2. Keep your abode fragrance free and smoke free. Swap out toxic cleaning materials and eliminate household pests with eco-friendly products.

For details read "Ten Simple Ways to Clean Green" and Green Tips for "Pest Control."

All green products mentioned in posts above are less expensive and healthier to use than most conventional cleaning and exterminating products. 

One epic rule of thumb is to read every commercial cleaning product label before you decide to purchase or reject it.

It's key to read labels on pest control products as well. Avoid damaging skin, eyes, lungs, and harming the health of adults, children, and pets with products that pollute, contaminate, and adversely affect all living things on our planet.

Using eco-friendly soap, detergent, shampoo and the like prevents skin irritation, allergies, and illness for you and yours. It also makes it unnecessary to dispose of polluting or toxic materials down the drain or dumping containers they came in into a landfill.

3. Use renewable, sustainable, low carbon-footprint items for kitchen, bath, bedroom, and laundry room. Aim to limit new purchases to only those things that are beyond repair. 

Reusable Household Cleaning Cloths are Eco-friendly

Fix, recycle, and refinish what you have accumulated already. Choosing high quality over quantity, and sustainability, minimalism, streamlining, and simplifying are frugal, long-lasting ways to create a greener, healthier home.

Want more green swap ideas? Use glass and stainless storage containers instead of plastic. After you finish eating peanut or almond butter (ones that come in glass jars), store-bought salad dressing, and foods like apple sauce, olives, and pickles, recycle the glass for food storage. 

Food Storage Containers that are Eco-friendly

Dry off with organic bath towels instead of conventional ones, display live houseplants instead of artificial ones, use non-toxic house paint instead of those with lead, upcycle clothing from thrift stores instead of buying new, and only wash clothes in your washing machine if you have a full load.

Get your kids and grandkids to join in. Show them by your example how to recycle, reuse, conserve, and respect our precious natural resources and the planet. For more read Awesome Tips to Help You Raise Greener Kids .

4. Green your eating style and swap out meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy for whole food plant-based foods.

Become more of an environmental maven or mister. Convert to foods that are mostly or all plant-based to make a major contribution to reducing your carbon footprint. "An Oxford University Study, published in the journal Climatic Change, shows that meat-eaters are responsible for almost twice as many dietary greenhouse-gas emissions per day as vegetarians and about two and a half times as many as vegans."

Improve health, increase your sense of well-being, save money, and recognize it's the humane and right thing to do.

Vegan Recipes, Ideras, and Eco-friendly Tips

5. Green your vision. Think of and follow through with one or two eco-friendly changes each week. 

Landscape with drought resistant vegetation, and plant and maintain a veggie garden. Grow and eat food for self-sustainability, and know that you're contributing to planetary healing.

Replace grass with xeriscape landscaping. Use drip irrigation to conserve water and store water in retention containers to save rainwater. 

An added benefit of this type of garden is that it’s much easier and more inexpensive to keep up than ones with grass and lawns.

Use your garden for entertaining. Instead of eating in a restaurant, sit at a picnic table in your garden or at a park. This is a free and fun way to get social with family or friends.

6. Notify lawmakers and regulators to go green by phoning, emailing, texting. Use social media to alert manufacturers, politicians, and leaders in your community, state, and national governments about environmental issues.

Express your concerns about the direct environmental link between health, safety, and climate change with the use of plastics, toxic chemicals in cleaning products, fossil fuel consumption, cattle raising and meat and poultry production, pesticides including Roundup, and contamination from manufacturing by-products.  

Advocate for home goods made from biodegradable materials, ones that use
minimal packaging. Set the intention to move toward zero waste. 

Mesh Food Shopping Bag, and Eco-friendly Tip

Purchase only as much food as you can eat without waste. Learn how to incorporate every edible part of foods you grow or buy. Two examples are beets and celery

Compost any raw produce scraps either in your compost pile or in a community one. 

Don’t patronize companies, shops, stores, and businesses that contribute to global warming. 

What you buy and don't buy speaks louder than words. Show friends, family, and community that you are reducing the world's carbon footprint, and soon they will follow suit. 

Support those manufacturers, distributors, and organizations who have made a real effort to create zero waste, increase sustainable business practices, and developed and maintain eco-friendly programs and policies.

There are so many frugal, easy ways to live greener and healthier at home.

What things are you doing to conserve natural resources, use less plastic, eat cleaner and greener, and simplify living by using any of the methods outlined above? 

Please share in the comments section ๐Ÿ’–below. 

What new things did you learn about green living? ๐ŸŒŽ

Do you save money by cleaning with homemade cleaning products? Please explain.

What creative ideas do you have for living greener at home? 

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Thursday, July 1, 2021

20 Easy Ways to Improve Well-being

Self-care Tips at Colors 4 Health

Wellness is not a one size fits all experience, because each of us relies on our own standards and reference point to draw upon. 

Conditions such as the climate where we live may impact the frequency with which we engage in outdoor exercise. Elements including distance to a park, field, forest, or walking path may take away from time spent outdoors. 

Our genetic makeup can predispose some of us to physical and emotional conditions we have little control over, and cultural conditioning may shape how we define and practice self-care. 

Nonetheless, our ability to easily improve mind-body health and sense of well-being is almost limitless. 

I've found that the key to wellness success is to refrain from comparing myself to others, and reserving as much time as I need to do those things that enrich my health.

What follows are self-care practices and lifestyle habits that research and life experience suggests has helped millions of people (including me) develop and enhance mind-body health. 

Rest assured. This post provides some of the best ways to improve overall well-being.

Love unconditionally

Delight in Nature

Journal for Clarity and Insights

Self-care Tips to Improve Well-being

Live with Gratitude

Do Work with Passion and Meaning

Reduce Stress Find Joy with 

Yoga, Tai Chi, Exercise, 

and Meditation  

Recite Affirmations

Self-care and Affirmation Tips
Amazing Affirmation Post

Attend 12 Step Programs, 

Get Treatment for 

Addictions and Mental Health 


Laugh, Dance, Sing, Smile


Help Others

Take Naps

Self-care Tips

Rely on Self-Compassion

Nurture Friendships


Eat Color-rich Fruits, Veggies 

Engage in Creative Endeavors

See Beauty in Life

Forgive Yourself and Others

Fill Your Heart with Kindness

Frolic with Colors

Sense the Wonder of NOW


Carefully consider what well-being looks like for you, and prioritize those things that support your personal concept. 

The law of attraction states what we focus on multiplies, and what we release decreases. In other words, we have the power within to attract and manifest our deepest desires so...

Let's go for it!

What elements do you feel belong on your list of wellness routines and how often do you use them? Please comment below.

Did you get new ideas from my post or does it spark any shift in your thinking? Please explain below.

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This post is offered for information and entertainment purposes only. If you need physical or mental health advice, consult with a professional.

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