Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Exciting Desert Spring Flowers for Wordless Wednesday

Cactus in bloom at Colors 4 Health

I'm so excited, because whatever shape, size, color, or variety I see, desert plants near Tucson, AZ come alive with gorgeous blooms in the springtime. 

Many desert plants have thorns or spines to shade them, regulate plant temperature, store water, and protect them from hungry animals. 

See information about plant and animal colors in relation to survival at Unique Ways Colors are Key to Survival.

White and Yellow Flowers on a Saguaro Cactus

Ocotillo with Orange/Red Blooms at Colors 4 Health
Orange Flowers Adorn an Ocotillo in the Sonoran Desert

Gopher Plant at Colors4Health
This Gopher Plant blooms in the spring, with greenish yellow flowers

Exciting Yellow Flowering Bush at Colors4Health
Golden Yellow is a cheery color of Many Desert Spring Flowering Plants

Hope you enjoyed seeing my photo essay. 

Did it pique your interest to learn more about the desert or inspire you to visit my neck of the woods?

Have you visited the U.S. southwest before and are tempted to visit again?

What color flower is your favorite?

Before you go, please comment below.

We welcome questions and feedback so please share with us. 

Put no links in your comments please, as they can't be published that way. Thanks for understanding.

Wishing you a beautiful spring and

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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Simple Morning Routines to Help Us Thrive All Day

Mood Elevator Tips and Ideas

A few simple tweaks to our morning routine can help us prevent or minimize stress, increase productivity, enable us to go with the flow, and improve our sense of well-being all day. 

When we practice self-care every day, we are sure to notice our outlook improves and self-caring actions have a ripple effect to enhance daily living. 

Let's zero in on those self-care practices that resonate with you, and understand one mode of self-care does not work for all. 

You may want to move slowly at first, and do mindful stretching, while you're still in bed. 

Perhaps you'll greet the morning by taking an invigorating shower or collecting your thoughts through a deep breathing exercise.


Maybe you prefer to designate sacred space in your home or apartment for prayer, yoga, gratitude journal writing, reciting affirmations, chakra balancing, or other contemplative practices to help you recall the blessings in your life.

Self-care Routines at Colors 4 Health

Let's try to find those things that help us feel energized and motivated to conquer the day. 

If we practice healthy behaviors early in the day, research and life experience shows, we experience a calmer morning and enthusiastic outlook, one that lasts well into the afternoon and evening.

Ready to feel more peaceful and

 relaxed each morning?

See suggestions below, and pick and

 choose those self-care ideas that 

resonate with you.

1. The tone we set for ourselves in the morning can get us off on the right or wrong foot. 

If we start off feeling rushed and unsettled, chances are we're going to feel harried when we start work, interact with others, and even carry over anxiety or stress into our free time. 

Anything we can do to begin our day on a calm, happy, and stress-free note is well worth the effort.

2. A simple way to wake up refreshed and raring to go is to adjust our sleep schedule.

Prioritize Sleep, an Important Element of Self-care

For example, I aim to consistently go to bed early enough to ensure I have between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night. That way I have ample time for morning self-care and household responsibilities. 

If this is important to you, perhaps you'll choose to set your alarm clock a half hour to an hour earlier  than you do now. Another option is to prepare some things the night before.

Unless you're single, this may mean you have to take into account you're preparing things for more than yourself. 

If you have a family, you may want to pre-plan as much as possible for those you take care of.

Young children probably need help getting their daycare or school things together the night before a school day.

This will make for less frantic mornings, and teach the kids good habits that will help them as they grow. 

Do family members take lunch to work or school? Make as much of it as you can the night before.

When children are old enough, they can learn to organize their clothes, and pack up home work and school projects in their backpacks before going to bed.

The more we tend to before we turn in for the night, the less we'll have to do in the morning.

3. Be kind to our bodies. Let's drink a tall one, an 8-12 oz. glass of water as part of our early morning routine. 

Water hydrates, aids digestion and elimination, and makes us feel dewy fresh.


Commit to improved wellness by fueling mind and body with a nourishing breakfast, and slow mindful eating. 

We don't expect our cars to run on empty. Why would we expect our bodies to do that?

4. Get moving and grooving. Most health experts recommend doing a morning exercise routine, but a formal work-out program is not everyone's cup of tea.

There are many ways to get our blood flowing and our mind ready for the challenges of the day. 

If we're not into structured work-outs, we can take our dog or ourselves for a brisk walk.

Sunlight, exercise, and fresh air in the morning hours stimulates feel good hormones, lifts our mood, and give us more energy throughout the day. 

Morning Sunlight and Exercise Good for Health

If walking isn't our thing, we may enjoy listening to up-beat music and dancing as we dress or prepare breakfast.

5. Don't permit technology to derail serenity. It’s unusual to find someone who doesn't wake up and immediately or almost immediately check their email, phone, or other gadgets for messages.


Unless our careers require this, try to resist the pull. It's easy to get sidetracked by emails and text messages, and may lead to unnecessary rushing to get out the door on time.


Getting off to a late start sets off an entire series of negative situations. Those may include speeding, being late for an appointment, or making us feel anxious or stressed.


One solution is to check work email at work and personal email on breaks. Another is to complete at least one important project, before checking Facebook or Instagram.

Rarely does something so urgent happen during the night that we have to know about it first thing in the morning. 

When we develop and stick with a calm, productive early morning self-care routine, we’ll give ourselves the best chance of having the same kind of day. 💖

Before you go please comment in the space provided below and click publish. No links in comments please, as they won't be published that way.

This post is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not provided as medical or mental health advice. 

Consult with a pro for those things. 

Visit again.

It's the place where a healthy lifestyle and colors intersect. 

Self-care Tips to Thrive

How do you start your morning and is it calm, frantic, or somewhere in-between?

Which self-care activities help you and what time of day do you fit them into your schedule?

Please explain.

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Colors 4 Health Motto

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