Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Write it on Your Heart

inspiration, motivation, and insights to live mindfully.

When I'm feeling uneasy, confused, or need extra motivation to persevere, I frequently consider ideas and insights from  those who have gone before me.

Look below for a quotation (poem) in three parts from Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American philosopher/poet I admire. 

"Write it on Your Heart" helps me focus on positive energy, encourages me to be mindful, and renews my sense of well-being. 

I share the poem now in hopes that it will help you. Please comment below, and let us know which parts resonate with you.

If another quotation or poem has captured your heart, please share that as well in the comments section below.
inspiration, motivation, and mindfulness ideas

inspiration, motivation, and mindfulness ideas

inspiration, motivation, and mindfulness ideas

In light of the current world situation, I set the intention to let go of worry and fear of things I am powerless over, recognize possibilities in today, be of service to a higher good, and focus on the beauty and blessings of this one day only. 

Perhaps you looked at this post today, because you were feeling depleted. For additional ideas read

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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Sun, Fun at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

Tucson AZ Botanical Gardens

view of shade garden, Tucson Botanical Gardens

With sunny skies and an afternoon temperature close to 75 degrees, my husband and I sprinted outdoors to visit the Tucson Botanical Gardens. 

Tucson has 350+ days of sunshine each year, and almost every day is a good day to explore the sights.

Look below to discover why tourists and locals alike think the TBG is the place to be.

There are many individually themed gardens within the garden grounds, and eye-catching flora and fauna that appeals to various interests. 

Look below to see photos to illustrate what things we enjoyed seeing this time.

Zen Garden, Tucson Botaincal Gardens

The Zen Garden, views of tranquility, balance, and beauty. 

Zen Garden, Tucson Botanical Gardens

My senses come alive in the gardens. Delightful aromas, cascading fountains, bird songs, luscious colors, and plush or prickly looking vegetation makes me want to reach out to touch some and not others. 

The mosaic plaque in the photo below helps me recall some herbs and spices that grow well in Tucson's climate.

Plaque Herb Garden, Tucson Botanical Gardens

This time, I was surprised to see a curry plant growing here too.

Curry Plant, Tucson Botanical Gardens
The pungent smell of a curry plant, growing in a clay pot, caught my olfactory attention

Pick and choose from venues that entertain, inform, relax, refresh, and delight you. 

Being in nature has a healing effect. Read why research indicates a link between improving health and spending time in nature.

Bright Flowers, Tucson Botanical Gardens

The Butterfly House at the TBG with its current show, Butterfly Magic, draws a crowd and fascinates me. Hours for this exhibit are 9:30am – 3:00 daily (October – May). Masks are required in its Greenhouse. 

Butterfly Magic, Tucson Botanic al Gardens

Butterfly Magic, Tucson Botanical Gardens

Check the Tucson Botanical Gardens Website for special event notices, overview of the history of the gardens, address, café menu, admission fee details, and hours of operation. 

If you prefer, phone 520-326-9686 or email for further information. 

A special exhibit, Seeing the Invisible: An Augmented Reality Contemporary Art Exhibition, on view till the end of August 2022 features contemporary artworks created with augmented reality (AR)technology

The displays are virtual works that engage with existing features of the natural landscape, so I'm not able to show photos of them.

Seeing the Invisible features new works by more than a dozen international artists. The Tucson Botanical Gardens is one of 12 participating gardens across six countries selected.

It is the first exhibition of its kind to be developed in collaboration between botanical gardens and arts institutions from around the world. 🌴🌵🍃🌺

No matter how many times we visit the gardens, there are fun things to see and explore. Hope you enjoyed coming along. If and when you're in Tucson, AZ, please give the Tucson Botanical Gardens a look-see.


Before you go, please share your comments below. 

Have you been to the Tucson Botanical Gardens or would you like to see it one day? 

I read and appreciate every comment, and am grateful for social media shares as well.

Thanks for visiting Colors 4 Health. I publish blogs on the 1st and 15th of each month, and welcome a visit from you again.

Good Wishes

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