Wednesday, September 15, 2021

16 One Minute Health Boosters


Do you want to boost health, but lack motivation? Perhaps you feel off-kilter, and want to regain balance and enthusiasm for daily living. 

Post Updated 2/12/2023

Try out these 16 one minute health boosters to see how little time, money, and effort it takes to enhance self-care, feel happier, and increase your sense of well-being.


1.  Drink a tall one, an 8 oz. glass of water several times during the day. This will keep you hydrated, helps digestion and elimination, and makes you feel dewy fresh.


2.  Eat a half cup of beans several times during the week. Beans are an excellent low cost, fat free source of protein and fiber. Beans including pintos, black beans, kidney beans, and navy beans rev up energy and help maintain regularity.


3.   Set daily goals for exercise. It takes less than a minute to connect with YouTube. Reserve time for a video workout by selecting a yoga, aerobic exercise, or circuit training video. Exercise pays off by reducing stress, helps keep you fit, and elevates mood.


4.  Practice one of these methods that helps you breathe deeply from Web MD. Deep breathing curbs anxiety and tension and sends nourishing oxygen to all parts of your body.


5.    Snack on a serving (1/2 cup) of fresh sweet peas for a healthy treat. This green veggie has more vitamin C than 2 large apples and more protein than a tablespoon of peanut butter.


6.    Splash your face with cool water to revive yourself. Nix drinking an alcoholic beverage to numb pain or as a pick me up.  

7.  Take a 20 second break to disengage from electronic devices and screens by standing up. Move 20 feet away from equipment, desk, or work area. Use another 20 seconds to blink, sigh, or yawn. Down time conserves eyesight and prevents body aches and pain.


8.    Focus on composing and reciting a meaningful affirmation. When you say positive statements aloud it helps shift thinking, creates "feel good vibes," and inspires you to make progress in creating  positive energy and health with affirmations.


9.    Say “no” when you need to. Bowing out of tasks you really don't want or need to do, helps you keep check on your energy and resources. Setting this boundary allows you to meet your own needs first, and use extra time to help those you can. 


10.    Surround yourself with colors you love in home and office, and take in the health boosting effects of color energy. Read Color Ideas to Cultivate Happiness for additional color tips.


11.   Work or play outdoors early in the day to soak up Vitamin D from sunlight. Before you step outside,  apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen, one that contains non-nano zinc-oxide (SPF 30 or above). Prevent sun damage, and reduce chances of getting skin cancer by wearing UV protected sunglasses too. 


12.  Shed shoes at your front door. Then, see how much easier it is to keep floors clean and reduce environmental pollutants you track into your home.

13.  Hug a family member or friend to get those good feelings flowing. Kiss your significant other, and praise your kids to spread the love and encourage each other. 💗

14. Laugh often. Even a broad smile can reduce stress and prevents “dis-ease.” See Budget Friendly Activities to Inspire Joy for additional self-care tips.

15. Stretch by reaching up to the sky, and bend over with soft knees to reach for your toes. Next, stand tall and roll your shoulders back, up, forward, and down. Stretching relieves sore muscles, reduces tension, and relaxes shoulders, neck, and body.


16. Create a mental or written gratitude list. Give thanks for blessings and observe how fast your outlook improves.

Tips to Help You Practice Gratitude

These one minute health boosters have worked really well for me, and can help you.

Have my ideas motivated you to amp up self-care? There’s nothing like the present to start. 

Add a few at a time into your wellness routine. Before you know it, you’ll feel better, look better, and smile a lot more. 

Please share which health boosters you use. Put details in the comments section below. 

Are there other self-care practices that are part of your routine, but not mentioned? Please let me know.

Which health booster are you reluctant to try? Share about that too. 

This post is intended for entertainment and information purposes only. If you seek medical advice, consult with your health care provider.

Please don't put links in your comments, as I cannot publish them that way. Thanks for understanding.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Super Ideas for Self-care Sunday

Self-care practices and ideas

September is National Self Care Awareness Month, and an ideal time to use Sundays to upgrade your self-care ideas and routines.


Move to the beat of your own drummer. Savor a pace that helps you unwind from the stressors and deadlines you may have dealt with during a busy week.

Studies show if mind-body health is your self-care priority and you follow through, life satisfaction increases and you experience a greater sense of well-being.

Self-care allows you to slow down and check in with yourself, meet your needs from moment to moment, and pace yourself, before you get drained, injured, or suffer from emotional, mental, or physical exhaustion.

There is no right or wrong way to do self-care. 

You are a unique individual and what works for you may not be right for someone else and vice versa.

Let your intuition guide you to fine tune your healthy lifestyle habits, and spread wellness and joy within mind, body, and spirit.

If you're someone who thinks it's selfish to take "me time," read What is Self-Care and Why is it Important For You?  

Nurturing oneself is an essential part of living a fulfilling life, and self-care is the simple act of caring well for oneself. 

Self-care practices and ideas

Dedicate Sundays to those things that relax, pamper, nourish, and help prepare you for the week ahead. 

Another choice is to use the day to accomplish a project you’ve been putting off or haven't had time for during the week.

Give yourself permission to relax whatever you do or don't do, and observe your progress in reaching that goal.

   Super Ideas for Self-care Sunday

1. Keep it simple and set a theme for the day like total relaxation, fun, serenity, or happiness. Try not to do things that detract from the mood you want to create.

2. Give yourself permission to place your head on a pillow and grab some zzz’s. Naps can be a restorative part of your self-care Sunday routine.
Self-care Nap Time at Colors 4 Health

3. Don't buy into negative self talk, critical messages from others, and old tapes. Studies revealed that individuals may abandon self-care when overwhelmed by symptoms or disability and/or when they feel that they are not supported. 

It's key to a successful self-care outcome, to accept responsibility to root for yourself. 

If you feel you need extra encouragement, get it from supportive friends, family, clergy, or a therapist.

4. Acknowledge that self-care is an important health element and not a selfish act. 

Affirm that you can easily meet your own needs first. Then, you will be better prepared to choose to help others, if you think it's appropriate. 

5. For best results, make self-care tender, self-compassionate, and gentle. Self-care Sunday is a time to refuel. It's not an opportunity to browbeat yourself for lack of motivation, resolve, or past mistakes. 

If you're going through a rough patch, the breakup of a relationship, job loss, or had a loved one die, be especially easy on yourself. Perhaps you'll even compose a mantra. This is mine.

Self-compassion mantra at Colors 4 Health

Sometimes the best self-care is to snuggle up in pajamas, and do nothing much but watch a video or read a good book.

6. Sunday activities can reduce stress and save time all week long. Food shop and plan your week day menus. Keep whole grains, legumes, beans, salad fixings, and fruit on hand for meals or snacks during the week. 

That way you won't be tempted to grab junk food on the run. 

Allow yourself to disengage from electronic devices to sense the joy of mindful meal prep and eating.

Mindful Food Prep and Eating

7. Feed your creative nature each Sunday. Connect to your artistic side by drawing, coloring, collaging, painting, knitting, sewing, making an altar, cooking or baking, decorating your home or office with relaxing colors, gardening, writing in a journal, dancing, singing, or playing a musical instrument. 

Relish any hobby or self-care practice that lets your authentic truth and beauty shine!

8. Set up an epic Sunday spa experience and give yourself a facial, bubble bath, steamy shower, sauna, manicure, or other beauty treatment. 

If you enjoy aromatherapy, candles, and soothing music, add that too.

9. Test out a new plant-based whole food recipe to amp up health. Create a colorful, flavor packed recipe and freeze leftovers for a save-u-time meal. 

A cookbook I use for inspiration is Effortless Vegan by food blogger Sarah Nevins. The recipes have few ingredients, easy instructions, and minimal cleanup.

10. Want to use Sunday to contribute to a greater good? Include volunteer work, phone a sick relative or friend, work on a climate change issue, or support efforts to save voter rights. 

Use my ideas or focus on any you are passionate about. Altruistic efforts help shift perspective and improve mental health.

11. Breathe deeply and open to the stillness inside. Try prayer, mindful meditation, yoga, or other healing practices this Sunday to help nurture yourself. 

Contemplative self-care builds self-knowledge and resilience, especially for times when you need to cope with challenges in life.

12. Inhale healing energy and exhale tension with a nature walk in your garden.  

Other alternatives are a jog down a tree-shaded place, picnic in a park, bird watch in a preserve, or stroll in other outdoor green space. 

A study published by the NIH revealed people who lived close to green space had lower rates of anxiety, depression, and poor physical health than those who lived nearer to the concrete jungle. 🌳

Green Color Tips and Healthy Lifestyle Ideas

Carefully consider which self-care practices help you the most, and prioritize those activities to support your personal concept.

Use self-care habits to relax, heal, and refresh yourself on Self-care Sundays.

Why not carry self-care into weekdays as well? Self-care can help you attract and manifest optimal health every day of the year! 💗

How has self-care enhanced your life? Please share about it below in the comments section.

Did you get any new ideas about a self-care practice mentioned in this post? Is it one you may have overlooked or slacked off about doing? Please explain.

I read and appreciate every comment, but will not publish comments that contain links. Thanks for understanding. 

This post is intended for entertainment and information only. If you need medical advice consult with your health care provider.

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