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Use Red to Improve Well-being

Feb is National Heart Health Month
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In honor of American Heart Month (February) and National Wear Red Day on Friday Feb. 3, 2023 I’ve selected red as my featured color for February. 

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February is a fabulous month to celebrate red, the color of heart health, passion, excitement, enthusiasm, love, fire, and Valentine's Day.

Heart Month officially started in the 1960’s when our president at the time, Lyndon Baines Johnson, designated February in this special way. 

The Centers for Disease Control advises that high blood pressure is a major contributor to heart attacks. Read Facts about High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease and Ways to Reduce Sodium Intake.

Nutrition Tips to Reduce Sodium

Red is a symbol of a healthy heart. “As the heart beats, it pumps blood through a system of blood vessels, called the circulatory system. The vessels are elastic, muscular tubes that carry blood to every part of the body. 

In addition to carrying fresh oxygen from the lungs and nutrients to the body's tissues, it also takes the body's waste products, including carbon dioxide away from the tissues. This is necessary to sustain life and promote the health of all parts of the body.” See more from WebMD.

Red is a lively color for exercise attire and is a perfect accent color in your exercise room. Red can speed up metabolism and energize you. Participate in some form of aerobic exercise a minimum of 30 minutes on most days for good heart health. Red can also increase appetite. 

Unless you need to gain weight, don't get an industrial stove in red or display red accent pieces in the kitchen or dining room, as seeing red in these areas can stimulate overeating.

Red reminds you to amp-up healthful eating practices. Read books, blogs, and surf the Web for info about heart health.

One example of that comes from Michael Greger M.D. His website documents research to show why a plant based diet, free of cholesterol and saturated animal fats is helpful in preventing and treating Heart Disease. 

Talk to your health care providers to learn new ways to reduce or eliminate saturated and trans-fats. Take a nutrition course to investigate why it's so important to eat more fruits, veggies, and unprocessed plant based food. 

Eat Red Fruits and Vegetable to Improve Wellness

Meal planning that includes portion control, yet includes a variety of colorful organic fruits and vegetables is important on any eating plan. When you eat organic products and those labeled Non GMO Project Verified you avoid eating genetically modified food that can cause food allergies, digestion problems, weight gain, and other serious conditions.

A Happy Heart is Powerful Medicine

Experts suggest a possible link between long term stress and heart health. Get career, psychological, or financial
 counseling, when you are troubled by these or any other lifestyle issues.

Meditation, prayer, and other self-care practices including yoga, journal writing, and reaching out for emotional support from others helps counteract the negative effects of stress. Read How Stress can Wreak Havoc on Your Body.

The color red can signal danger, so use it to help you envision that salt shaker wrapped in a warning sign cloak of red. Reduce salt intake to manage high blood pressure. Reduce red meat consumption, because it usually contains high levels of LDL Cholesterol, and low levels of HDL. 

It makes good health sense and saves money too, when you prevent health issues from becoming serious ones. Nonetheless, it's never too late to improve health by quitting smoking or drug use, curtailing alcohol consumption, and seeking professional help when the efforts you have used to stop aren't effective. 

Now down to basics. Here's the American Heart Association Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Red is a call to action color. Discover how many ways red can motivate and support you as you leap forward with passion and heart-felt enthusiasm to take care of your health and heart by thinking RED.

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This post was offered for educational and entertainment purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult with your health care provider before making and lifestyle changes. 

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