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Awesome Tips to Help You Raise Greener Kids

Want to be a greener family this year? It may be easier than you think. Continue reading to get...

 Awesome Tips to Help You Raise Greener Kids, an Earth Day Roundup Post

Post Updated 9/7/21

Bright green has been adopted by environmentalists to symbolize the planet’s essential need to protect, recycle, grow, and reuse (transform) natural resources. 

Green energy suggests growth, change, and harmony. 

This post is offered to celebrate the planet and help parents and grandparents find new ways to be eco-smart.

Kids learn more from what you practice than what you say. Inspire your offspring by acting greener, and they will emulate you.

1. Do more of your errands on foot or bike, and take kids along. 

2. Reserve time to get outdoors for family interactions. Take in the beauty of nature. If quality is what you're after, leave electronic devices out of the equation.

3. Have fun this year at a family beach party, gather at a picnic table, play sports, relax in the shade of an oak tree, converse, and garden.

4. Appreciate sunlight. It provides a healthy dose of Vitamin D, and shows off the landscape with its flowers and fauna.

5. Help clean up a local park, nature preserve, and community garden. When kids join in to spruce up an area, they relate to nature in a caring way, and are less likely to dump garbage, damage, or destroy vegetation and property. 

Child holding borage flowers
Ashley Adamant's Daughter Loves Borage Flowers

6. Ashley Adamant from Practical Self Reliance, an eco-blog based in Vermont shows us ways to teach kids about herbs

Here's one example of how Ashley helps her kids understand and appreciate nature. 

"Exploring herbs is just part of their everyday life.  Herbs are tangible and easy to understand, even for the smallest of children.  Their young brains are wired for learning and pattern recognition, and the same openness that allows a toddler to learn language also allows them to recognize patterns in the natural landscape." Ashley Adamant.

7. Encourage kids to get involved in growing, tending, and harvesting produce. This increases awareness of where food comes from, improves physical development skills from digging, lifting, watering, etc., and your youngsters will be willing to taste and even savor those veggies and fruits they truly have had a hand in growing. 

8. Read 30 Great Ways to Upcycle and Recycle outgrown children’s clothes. Ideas from Tiffany Taylor at Morning Chores. 

9. Sort through personal belongings and have kids do the same. Recycle books, toys, games, electronic devices, and sporting equipment by giving them to a school or recreational facility. 

10. Marla Gates, the green blogger at Organic 4 Greenlivings provides 3 Tips to Go Green as a Family as You Prep for School.

11. Megean Weldon, the green blogger at No Waste Nerd suggests  5 Easy Things Kids can Actually do to Help the Environment.

One example from this post is:    "Give them (children) their own reusable water bottle, napkin, lunch box, and cutlery. Just like we carry a kit to avoid disposables, allow them to be in control of their waste avoidance too. Make using reusable items, as opposed to tossing the single use items, the norm as early in their lives as possible."

12. For eco-friendly clean ocean ideas see 11 Simple Ways to Save the Ocean from Turning Into Plastic Soup . The author of this piece is Sara Critchfield.

 Before you go, please comment in the space provided below. 

Share ideas, questions, and tips. Please no links in your comment, or I won't be able to publish it. 

Discuss environmental issues with friends, family, community groups, and political figures.  

Vote with your pocketbook and support those organizations and people that are eco-friendly.  

Be vocal about your environmental opinions on social media and in the voting booth. 


It's up to each one of us to do what we can to preserve precious natural resources, reduce our carbon footprint, and live greener lives! 

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  1. HI Nancy,
    You have listed some excellent ideas on how to raise Greener Kids. I especially like th 11 Simple Ways to Make sure the Ocean Doesn't turn into plastic soup.
    I believe it is extremely important to teach our kids to be aware and care about the environment since they are our future.
    Thanks so much for including my article on 3 Tips to go Green as a Family as you get ready for School.
    I will share this on social media and the links.
    Thanks so much for caring about our earth and future and writing this article.

    1. Thanks Marla for contributing and for the marvelous job you do as a green blogger. Wishing you a green, green future.

  2. Informative post, thanks Nancy.
    I find that the months that I am in Florida, I do more walking and connect more with the earth at the beach and the parks! I just got back to Pa and its is still damp, cool, and dreary. I do grow herbs and cherry tomatoes and join a CSA. I love to take the grandkids to pick veggies and the CSA and they love it too..

    1. Thanks Judee for your comment. My serenity place is the beach and although I live in AZ now, I go to the shore whenever I can. I googled CSA, because I didn't know what that was. Is it (?) "Sankanac CSA
      Our organic and biodynamic 15-acre garden, located in Kimberton, Pennsylvania (about 50 minutes from Philadelphia) operates as a 200 member CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We offer shares in the garden at the beginning of each season and shareholders receive their portion of the harvest each week." Think joining a food-coop is a wonderful way to nurture the planet. So happy you're able to do this with grandkids. Thanks again.

  3. Lots of good ideas here! thanks

    1. Thanks so much for the visit and comment Carole. These tips can help you and your kids live greener all year. Yahoo!