Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Phenomenal Reasons Yoga Enhances Health

There is a growing body of evidence to validate yoga's health benefits. According to a 2017 national survey one in seven U.S. adults have started to do yoga in the past 12 months, and the numbers are rising. 

Post updated 2/26/24

This low impact fitness/lifestyle practice has been adopted by two billion people around the world, because "it works!" 

An all-inclusive yoga program detoxes and conditions mind, body, and spirit. It combines strength training, stretching, balance, and toning poses called asanas, with breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation. 

Phenomenal Reasons Yoga Enhances Health

increases flexibility and tones body

creates muscle strength 
improves respiration, energy, and vitality
helps balance metabolism and hormones
nurtures mindfulness

raises body awareness

contributes to cardio and circulatory health

improves coordination and athletic performance

helps improve balance and protect against injury

reduces inflammation

improves power of concentration with calming effect

provides motivation to exercise more regularly

enhances overall wellness and life satisfaction

Those who maintain an ongoing yoga practice, notice it improves their physical condition. It also helps them release stress and psychological challenges more effectively than before they started doing yoga. 

Note: It's advisable and user friendly to take several classes in a yoga studio with a certified yoga teacher, before embarking on a home practice. 

Proper body alignment is an important element of a safe, successful exercise plan. 

This post is intended for informational purposes. See a fitness expert and health care professional for advice. Before starting a new physical activity, check with your health care provider.

Do you do yoga, and how does it help you? Please share in the comments section below. 

If you haven't tried yoga yet, will you consider it? Please share your answer below.

I encourage you to take steps to learn how to do yoga. It's been a valuable part of my self-care routine for close to forty years.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Create Positive Energy and Health with Affirmations

Healthy Lifestyle with Affirmation

It's a new year and new decade, and this post will show how to use positive energy of affirmations to enhance your sense of health and well-being. 

Take a few days to look at the big picture. 

Self-appraise the stress and satisfaction levels you experienced in the past year.

Then evaluate and record details about the gap between your current energy level and health, and hoped-for future health.


One simple way for us to be kind to ourselves as we change self-critical messages about past health habits or sloppy or inconsistent self-care routines is to apply self-compassion. 

Let's use a caring mindset to consider the information and affirmations below. 

Following is a definition of what an affirmation is, research about why affirmations work, and original affirmations. 

Affirmations are positive statements that are recited and repeated aloud to confirm and reinforce that something is already true and bountiful in our lives.

Research from a study published in "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology," indicates temporal landmarks, including a new year, new decade, or birthday, are powerful markers of time. These reference points are perceived by most of us as opportune times to experience the "fresh start effect."

Science backs this up. Study participants who used a temporal landmark to motivate them, had a positive energetic response, and gained momentum to follow through with their future-oriented wellness goals.

Affirmations recited at a temporal landmark are energetic powerhouses. 

Affirmation recitation helps shift thinking, creates "feel good vibes," and helps us see challenges are opportunities to grow.

A study published in "Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience" details how affirmations help convert negative thoughts to more positive ones.

Now on to my original affirmations

Affirmations Create Positive Thoughts

I release events, conflicts, stress, and worries from the past easily and effortlessly. 

Positive Outlook

I am an Optimist and my Self-confidence Attracts Abundance.

Exercise, Nourishing Food, and a Self-compassionate Attitude Keeps my Body, Mind, and Spirit Strong, Flexible, and Energized.   

I radiate health, happiness, harmony, and thrive.


I encourage you to write your own affirmations. Then, recite them aloud to keep the momentum going.

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Wishing you a Healthy, Happy, and Harmonious New Year!

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