Thursday, October 1, 2020

Fabulous Fall Foliage and Colorful Autumn Trees


Colors of Autumn, Nature

In autumn, when I see the glorious burnt oranges, golden yellows, scarlet reds, dusty browns, and additional earth tones of the season, I thank Mother Nature for the changing colors of fall leaves.

Post updated 9/4/2022

See a review of some basic science principles below to explain why leaves of deciduous trees including aspen, oak, maple, and river birch put on a colorful show in the autumn.

Colors of Fall, Nature

Part of the tree's natural growth process in spring and summer, is to bring chlorophyll to its leaves. This gives them a green appearance. 

In autumn, weather cools and the hours of daily sunlight decreases in many areas of the U.S. That's a signal for certain plants to gradually stop production of chlorophyll—a necessary component of photosynthesis. 

Photosynthesis only occurs in the presence of warmth and sunshine, which of course become increasingly scarce starting in late September. 

As chlorophyll production stops, the green leaf color fades. Colorful flavonoids and carotenoids in the natural pigment of various leaf species sport yellow, orange, red, and purple coloration. 

For in-depth science details for school age children or grandchildren, and for those with a curious mind, see more about how plants prepare for winter. Also check out Why do Leaves Change Color in Fall?

I am fascinated by autumn leaf COLORS, and offer content and pictures below to show you why ... These colors are















Do you relish seeing russet (brownish red), amber (pale yellow or brownish yellow), copper (shiny yellow metallic color), and bright ruby and scarlet reds of fall? 

See the Merriam Webster Website for ideas about additional names for colorful autumn leaf hues.

Fabulous Fall Foliage and Colorful Autumn Trees

Colors of Fall, Nature

Colors of Fall, Nature

Colors of Fall, Nature

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This autumn get outdoors to enjoy crisper weather, take part in fall fun, and delight in splendid colors of this wonderful time of year. 

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  1. Fall is such a beautiful time of the year especially up north. I miss seeing all of the fall changes.
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  2. Fall is definitely my favorite time of year! Too bad we don't get foliage on this level in California but I can dream!

    1. Thanks Sara for the visit and comment. Wishing you a healthy, happy, and colorful autumn. And please stop by again!

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  4. Wow. Sounds like you really love autumn and celebrate it fully. Enjoyed attending #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 18 and thanks for hosting.