Tuesday, October 9, 2018

5 Self-care Skills You Need to Know

How do you maintain optimism, on those days when you don’t even want to roll out of bed? Want to keep a positive outlook in a world that may seem to be filled with negative hype? 

Perhaps you're on mental overload, with too much on your mind, a condition that prevents you from being effective in your career, diminishes creativity, and saps the enjoyment out of what you do.

It may be a challenge to move ahead, yet the 5 self-care skills I describe—have proven to be emotional/mental health lifesavers, and are well worth the effort to implement.

Establishing a daily routine helps people who lose focus easily, suffer from anxiety or overwhelm, lack self-confidence, and set unrealistic expectations of themselves or others.

Take it from me, just as a workout routine helps our physical health, daily self-care practices help calm chaotic thoughts, remind us of daily goals, get us back on track, and restores balance. 

5  Self-care Skills You Need to Know

1. Start your morning in a meditative way, because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Make your first priority to begin the day with ease.

For example, my biological clock wakes me without an alarm, so I’m not jolted out of bed. I take a few moments to stretch my body and get my blood moving. Then I spend quiet time in prayer, meditation, and journal writing

I may read a spiritual book, say affirmations, or explore a color-visualization too. Each inspires me and helps reinforce what I've read, written, or envisioned. 

After I eat a nourishing breakfast, wash and brush, and spend a few moments to straighten up my home (make the bed, and chop up a salad for lunch, etc.), I get to work.

Note: I choose to use no electronic equipment for prayer, meditation, and journal writing. I prefer to connect with my higher wisdom and check in with myself in a minimalist way, because it helps me feel grounded in my body, mind, and spirit. 

Then, I set an intention for my day to be mindful and loving. When I am, I can easily accept responsibility for my thoughts and actions, and release my "ego's need" to strive for results. 

If you like an app for yoga, meditation, prayer or other meditative routine, go for it. For me electronic equipment early in the day (5 am) just stirs me up and makes me tempted to text, or get sidetracked and go on a social media frenzy.

2. Recognize that a Positive Attitude is Key. Be kind, present, self-caring, and nonjudgmental with yourself and others as you go through your daily activities. 

Full consciousness tends to reduce negativity, fear, and confusion. In addition, a no-attachment view of how people, things, and places need to be, reduces anxiety, uncertainty, and creates greater compassion.

3. Eat more fruits and veggies. Reserve time to prepare and eat healthy food. It’s a great way to practice self-care throughout the day. 

Top nutrition minds advise us to eat a variety of at least 5 to 9 servings of color-rich vegetables, legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, and fruit a day. 

Brightly colored low-fat plant-based whole foods aren't just visually appealing. Fruits and veggies are nature's way of highlighting a broad range of nutrients that boost health. 

In its original state, each vegetable or fruit is low in saturated fat, pleasing to the palette, filling, and doesn't make us feel overstuffed or sluggish. Research indicates eating whole food plant-based foods elevates mood and productivity. 

4. Include fun activities or periods of non-doing into your routine. Try this. Wear pink to brighten your complexion, warm your heart, feel love, or when you sense a need to nurture yourself. 

Ask yourself… what things make me feel happy and part of the human race? Partake of those sports, clubs, religious or spiritual groups, social activities, or hobbies you  enjoy at various times during the week. 

Nap time, real rest, and little breaks from work breathes space into your life. Pausing to kick back and relax, makes you feel more motivated and industrious, when you get back to tasks. 

Relaxation also elevates overall well-being. See How to Use Flowers and Plants to Increase Wellness for additional fun ideas.

5. Strengthen your self-care routine with positive energy. What you say, think, or feel about yourself, has an impact on how well you treat yourself. 

Journal writing raises self-awareness, and helps you understand your reasoning, vulnerabilities, and strengths. Guided journal activities like those in Colors of Joy show you how to shed negative self-talk and accentuate your assets. 

Order Autographed Copies of Colors of Joy Now.

Focusing on your talents and skills increases feelings of self-worth. Read Tips to Help You Keep a Success Journal and Soar at Business and Life!

The work you do on yourself has a ripple effect on how smoothly you interact with others (with more poise, confidence, and worthiness). 

Use affirmations, mantras, or other positive mind set outlets like combining shower power with affirmations. Putting these skills into practice is a simple way to shift energy from negative to positive. 

"When you develop healthy self-care habits, you put money in the upbeat bank. That pays off in feel-good vibes." Nancy Andres๐Ÿ’—

Sometimes self-care is not enough. If you're experiencing life burnout, check out this article that lists symptoms, and seek professional help.

Get treatment if you're dealing with addictions, financial problems, or other serious behavioral/health issues. Elizabeth Hartney, PhD states, “Most addictions have a serious impact on finances. In fact, financial problems are cited as a possible symptom of addiction for substance dependence and compulsive gambling.”

The fact is, most of us haven’t totally thrown self-care out the window. My experience and most probably yours too, shows that we function best when we take good care of ourselves. 

I wish you abundance and joyful feelings each day, and encourage you to use self-care skills to make your health and happiness a lifestyle priority.

Please comment below and/or answer one of the questions that follows:

What self-care techniques work best for you and why? 

When you feel in a rut, how do you restore optimism? 

One way I do this, is to walk in nature or meet a friend for lunch. 

What self-care practices are you willing to try? 

Any I haven’t mentioned that work for you?

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Monday, October 1, 2018

15 Healthy Ways to Nix Stress

Common sense and scientific research indicates that reducing your stress level makes you feel happier right now, and may protect your health in the long run. 

A recent study of young adults (ages 17-30) shows life satisfaction prevents inflammation, builds resilience to inflection, and can motivate you to stay on track with your eating plan, exercise, and other elements of a healthy lifestyle. 

Another piece of good news is negative effects of stress can be kept in check or even reduced, no matter what age you are today.

I suggest you pace yourself and adopt one or two of the techniques listed below at a time. Each is valuable, and helps you get off to a good start in improving overall well-being.

15 Healthy Ways to Nix Stress

1. Develop or revisit a hobby today. Play an instrument, crochet, garden, line up a game of tennis or chess, sing in a chorus, or dance up a storm.

2. Incorporate relaxing activities into your weekly schedule. Reach out to a pal for a phone chat, meet your BFF and sip a cup of chamomile or lavender tea, or pamper yourself with a haircut, bubble bath, or pedicure.

Instead of thinking of exercise as a drudge, think of it as a  health elixir. When you get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, it reduces stress, conditions your heart, lifts mood, prevents common diseases like high blood pressure, and helps you work  and play with more energy and joy. 

Make your conditioning routine a combination of strength training, stretching, and aerobic workouts.

Exercise keeps your body and mind strong, flexible, and energized!

Get moving by running, hiking, biking, walking, or window shopping. 

Line up an exercise partner to complete daily errands, walk outdoors in nature, or meet up at the gym or local Y, and combine a self-care practice with a social one.

4. Collect memorabilia that warms your heart, whether it’s stamps, pottery, coins, crystals, or CD’s, but don’t hoard. Delight in what you’re doing, without building up clutter.

5. Organize your belongings. See Organizing Rooms and Routines More Quickly and Effectively from Susan at Organized 31. An organized home prevents you from feeling overwhelmed, and eliminates stress of searching for misplaced items.

Organizing Rooms & Routines more quickly and efficiently means you have more time and energy to do the things you really want to - 10 Organizing Ideas & Tips for your home and life.

6. Focus on meeting your work needs, making progress on projects, and checking off that to-do list one check at a time. 

Say "no" to distractions and postpone things you do for others, until you've accomplished your goal for the day. 

Make yourself your first priority. When you accomplish what you set out to do, you wind up having more to give to others.

7. Carve out time to connect with your inner self. Prayer, meditation, 12 step programs, inspiring books, religious or spiritual activities, and devotional practices including chanting and tai chi help support, comfort, and calm you.

8. Attend the ballet, opera, or a poetry reading.  Dispel negative energy by taking in beauty, and possibly spark inspiration for your own creativity to bloom.

See an art film, visit a museum, art gallery, concert, or theater to enrich your life and release the cares of the day.

9. Cultivate self-compassion and give yourself a break. When you slip up or make errors in judgment, treat yourself as you would a beloved child. 

Soothe that vulnerable place inside you, admit that you're part of the human race, and give yourself unconditional love.

10. Write in a gratitude journal. Studies show the act of physically writing down what you’re grateful for, helps to solidify it in your mind. Build up a log of things you’re thankful for, and refer back to it, on days when you’re feeling low.
11. Spend social time with people who are kind, respectful, and have a positive outlook. Creating a nurturing, low-key home and social life makes you feel encouraged, loved and loving, and relaxed.

12. Prevent a financial crisis by making and keeping to a budget. Review often to stay financially solvent.

Start today to simplify spending, live within your means, and reduce the amount of financial responsibilities you take on so you'll sleep better at night. 

If you don’t know how or can’t do this alone, consult with a financial planner, organizational expert, or therapist. 

13. Visualize aquamarine and aqua to nip stress in the bud. Let these green-blue colors calm mind, body, and spirit, promote smooth communication, and relax eyes. 

Softly gaze at pictures of an ocean, river, or the horizon, or get out in nature to see aquamarine and aqua. Colors of the sky and sea help you feel more expansive and tranquil.

14. Recite affirmations. Affirmations are declarative statements confirming something is already a reality in your life. Affirm the ones below and see how fast that relaxes you.

15. One of the best ways to refresh yourself is to pick up your copy of Colors of Joy: A Woman's Guide for Self-Discovery, Balance, and Bliss. 

 Colors of Joy takes a lighthearted approach, and helps even those women who are super-busy and/or put others needs before their own, to practice improved self-care.

Each of the guided journal's 12 chapters starts with a full page color illustration and affirmation, and contains plentiful lifestyle tips to brighten daily living. 

Order copies of the 2018 Printing of Colors of Joy Now!

There are many ways to nix stress. Take as many of the ideas from this post as you like, but don't forget to comment. 

What stress reduction techniques work for you? 

What do you still need to work on?

What healthy habits help reduce stress for you? Please share.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Emotions Creativity Sensuality Workshop and Colors of Joy

Special Invitation to My Blog Readers
You are Invited!

Sacral Chakra Energy Workshop: Emotions, Creativity, and Sensuality and Book Signing for Colors of Joy

Where: The Seasoned Woman, the Williams Center Plaza, 5460 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85711

When: Thurs. Sept. 20, 2018 between 5-6 PM

Why: Have Fun as Nancy Andres Shows You Ways to Use Sacral Chakra Energy and Orange to Enliven Mind/Body/ Spirit.

Interactive Workshop is Complimentary, and Seating is on a First Come First Serve Basis. Please call the Seasoned Woman at 520-745-5942 to confirm. 

You'll see Colors of Joy: A Woman’s Guide for Self-Discovery, Balance, and Bliss. It helps journal owners enhance self-awareness, boost vitality, and attract more joy into daily living.

Each of the 12 chapters in Colors of Joy begins with a Color Illustration

Buy a copy of Colors of Joy at this workshop, and I'll autograph it. Save shopping time and purchase another as a colorful birthday, thinking of you, or holiday gift. 

Does color play an important role in your day to day pleasure, passion, and inspiration?

Why not enjoy yourself, as you learn to get in touch with
 emotions, creativity, and sensuality through sacral chakra energy and its corresponding color ORANGE

I can't wait to meet and greet you at this workshop. Please join us. Come on down!

For wellness tips and information about special events, please visit my website and sign up for the wellness news.

Do you have questions or want to share ideas and information about sacral chakra energy, orange, or living a healthier, happier lifestyle?

Please scroll to the comment section below, enter your comment, then click publish. 

Thanks for your visit, and sure look forward to meeting you at the workshop!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

How to Use Fall Colors to Awaken Your Senses

Want to feel more centered, happy, and mindful this autumn?

This post is designed to help you understand ways to surround yourself with autumn colors that resonate with you. I use many of the ideas myself as I appreciate the beauty of this season.

Colors work at the sensory level and transcend thinking. When you glance at colors that appeal to you, you'll feel immediate satisfaction as well as be more fully present from moment to moment, as you engage in daily life.

An effective way to start including fall colors in your lifestyle is to wear them, while you engage in hobbies, sports, and leisure time activities you enjoy.

Envision fire maple, rust, marigold yellow, burnt orange, sage green, and autumn leaf brown in your mind's eye. What sensations, ideas, or feelings arise when you use your imagination this way?

The colors you choose for your home, the ones you pick for your wardrobe, and those in your work and play environment, have power to bypass reason and influence your emotions at the cellular level.

Try this on for size. Imagine pleasing shades of orange as “helpers." When you use this bright autumn hue in this way, it makes it easy to connect with your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. 

Fill a large flower pot with mums and place them at your front door or in your front yard to welcome guests.

Jump in the car for a fall foliage tour and admire autumn's earthy beauty.

Read Favorite Fall Fruit and Vegetables . Discover which fall fruits and vegetables are packed full of nutrients to help you stay healthy and feel energized this fall.

Observe Eva Cassidy sing Autumn Leaves on YouTube and sing along.


Paint an accent wall or accent piece in your home or office a beautiful fall color. Rust or burnt orange, sage green, grounding brown, amber, garnet, golden yellow, brilliant scarlet, or maroon are top fall favorites.

This autumn colored bench is in my foyer

Don a cap or tee shirt in a hue that reminds you of autumn leaves. Then read "Wear your colors to feel great about yourself." It lists specific colors and how each can enrich daily living.

Pick pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.

Get outdoors to hike or mountain climb.

Crunch through fall leaves, hug a tree, collect chestnuts, or gather pine cones.

Paint, draw, finger paint, or use chalk to make autumn leaf or autumn tree pictures.

Frolic and tumble in a pile of autumn leaves, with or without your children and pets.

Visit a nature preserve, go birdwatching, and admire the aliveness of all living creatures.

Reserve time to witness an autumn sunrise or sunset.

Visit an arboretum, plant nursery, or public garden and let the energy from vegetation and crisp fall air refresh you.

Snap Fall Photos.

Gather a bushel of farm fresh apples and munch on a juicy one.

Cozy up by the fireplace, with a good mystery, romance, or other fun reading.

Slip into your favorite flannel shirt, sweatshirt and jeans, or wear pajamas all day.

Make a pot of steaming vegan chili with beans, corn, and plenty of spices.

Plant hyacinth and daffodil bulbs.

Participate in a Color Run.

Take family or friends on a hayride.

Listen to an Audio Meditation called Eyes Closed from Dean Sluyter, author of Fear Less: Living Beyond Fear, Anxiety, Anger, and Addiction.

Dean's soothing voice helps me slow down, nurture my spirit, and connect to places in my body and mind that need care.

Give the audio mentioned above a try, and please let me know ways listening to it helps you.

Fall is a reflective period, a time to celebrate the harvest, show gratitude, and recognize endings.

If emotions including grief and loss surface, do your best to identify and name them. 

Then, imagine feelings flowing through you and going into the ground, as autumn leaves do in the fall.

In this season, you can learn to release "dying relationships, situations, or painful life experiences," to have closure and make room for something new. 

Remember not everyone deals with emotions in the same way or is attracted to the same colors. Take time for self-care this fall. There are many color visualizations online that can bring you relief from stress, and provide healing, peace, and joy.

Awaken your senses by observing yourself right now. Look inward as well as outward to feel and appreciate the wonder of fall colors and the blessings in your life.

Before you go, please take a moment to comment. 

What are your favorite fall colors and/or activities? 

Which fall color tips have you tried? Did they work for you? Please explain.

Want to continue to improve your relationship with yourself and own a color guide and self-care journal combined? 

Colors of Joy: A Woman's Guide for Self-Discovery, Balance, and Bliss will be released in its second printing ๐Ÿ˜ this fall, and you can order it now

Journal owners are excited to share about it๐Ÿ‘. Here's a few book reviews to see what I mean:

“I enjoyed this book. Learning to use colors with meditation and feeling awesome.” Xochiquetzal Kazantzis, an Amazon Reviewer

"Colors of Joy: A Woman's Guide For Self-Discovery, Balance, and Bliss by Nancy Andres is a remarkable book. It incorporates fun exercises, that act as both an affirmation and a meditative practice. Working through this book helped me reflect on my life, and get more centered. I adore this book. It is a book I would highly recommend. Makes a great gift too." Amazon Customer who Rated Colors of Joy 5 stars

Babs Hightower of Babs Book Bistro rated it 5 stars and reviewed Colors of Joy on Goodreads. "A Woman's Guide for Self-Discovery is a wonderful book to learn about yourself. I have been journaling for years now and it helps a great deal. I go back to the earlier days and read though to see how far I have grown. 

Nancy has really done a great job with this book and she goes deeper to help you reflect and help move forward. It's all about taking care of yourself.

All women need to pick this book up and start taking care of YOU!"

Jane Brett said. “Loved the book! It gave me a new perspective on self-discovery. Feels so good to practice self care.

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