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Focus on Sacral Chakra Energy to Balance Emotions, Creativity, and Sensuality

Balance Sacral Chakra at Colors 4 Health

The Sacral Chakra (2nd Chakra) radiates powerful energy to balance emotions, sensuality, and creativity. It helps you feel pleasure in daily living, and the main color associated with it is orange.

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Envision orange if you need support. It will help you get through difficult life challenges. 

Do you ever feel in a rut or lack enthusiasm for doing something new? To reduce sacral chakra energy blocks, identify those places in your body, mind, or spirit where you feel stuck. 

Then, create an affirmation for it to shift thinking from negative or neutral to positive. 

Use affirmations to help you open up to possibilities, instill a sense of hope, and increase motivation to move on. 

Here's some that I wrote. Perhaps the following will give you a better idea of how to begin. It's important to affirm each affirmation aloud.

Sacral Chakra Affirmations

"My emotions are messengers; each helps me recognize what I am feeling."

“My senses are finely tuned, bringing me great pleasure.”

“I am a creative, sensual human being who relishes living fully in each moment.”

"I care for, respect, and love my body and it is strong, healthy, and serves me well."

If you desire greater intimacy with your partner, serve up chakra energy in a meal that’s chock full of orange fruits and veggies. Orange nutrients from plant-based foods makes passion multiply and may inspire you to express your love for each other in a very real way.

Gaze at orange to increase creativity. Orange is an excellent accent color to use in an art studio, your office, or clothing you select. Wearing orange can also help you move forward in life after tragedies or losses.

The Sacral Chakra’s element is water, an energy that’s characterized by flow and flexibility. If you suspect there’s an imbalance in this chakra, walk in nature by a lake, ocean, stream, or river. 

If you can't travel outdoors, envision "water blue or white." They are additional colors for the Sacral Chakra. 

Use your imagination to help you recover from imbalances in this chakraLooking at pictures of water images, re-enforces the idea of personal expansion, as you visualize a broad and limitless sea. 

When you see your favorite body of water, doesn't the color nurture you? Remember to drink an adequate amount of water to keep hydrated and nourish this chakra.

Encourage fluidity in your body, mind, and spirit by dancing or getting off your seat, or lift yourself off the couch to participate in swimming or other forms of exercise or moving mediation. 

Balancing the 2nd chakra in this way helps you treat yourself, others, and to the world in a flexible, freeing way. 

In the body, the Sacral Chakra is located below the navel in the Spleen area. On a physical level, the Sacral Chakra is believed to affect the reproductive system, sexual and reproductive organs, the lumbar plexus, bladder, and kidneys. 

To keep this chakra finely tuned, maintain a healthy sexual life, dance and play creatively, and honor it by respecting your body. 

Seek treatment for any addiction including alcohol, drugs, food, or cigarettes.

On a spiritual and emotional level, this chakra is related to your sense of prosperity and abundance. It's the center from which you create. 

This chakra represents your emotional body, defining the extent to which you are willing to feel your emotions and to what extent you feel them. 

Notice if there are any feelings you’re holding onto. Make a commitment to process those emotions in a healthy way. 

If you find it difficult to process your feelings on your own, ask for help from a friend, clergyman, or mentor. If you still have difficulty dealing with strong emotions, go to a support group that addresses that issue or seek professional help.

When the second chakra is balanced, you are productive, focused, and accomplish all you set out to do. When you sense a block in this area, you feel frustrated, emotionally shut down, or nervous. 

An effective method that helps calm you or lift your spirit, is to apply a few drops of 100% essential oils: sandalwood, orange, jasmine, juniper or geranium in a carrier oil like jojoba, almond, or olive to the sacral chakra area balances it. Before using, read essential-oil-safety-tips.

Sound can help align this chakra, and chanting VAM is helpful when you're feeling out of kilter. Here’s a YouTube link to Sacral Chakra Meditation from Meditative Mind. Enjoy listening to Sacral Chakra music and use sound vibrations to heal and balance.

Devote time each day to focus on sacral chakra energy and the colors orange, water blue, and white. 

All my tips, including using sound and meditation, can help you go after your goals and succeed. The sacral chakra is like a good friend, one that inspires passion, creativity, and honors your emotions as you get on with your day.

Please let me know you're out there by commenting in the section below. 

What new things did you learn about the Sacral Chakra? 

Do you think this information will help you? Let me know that too.

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  1. HI Nancy,
    What an interesting article. Orange is not one of my favorite colors but I had no idea how much this color affected your emotions and all. Shared on twitter & pinned. Have a healthy, happy & blessed weekend.

    1. Glad you learned something new. Thanks for the social media support. And, as you write, Have a healthy, happy & blessed weekend.

  2. Methinks I shall add extra carrots in tonight's pot roast! Very informative post! I'm linking over from our FB page.

  3. Nancy,
    This is all such interesting information regarding chakras. This is the second reminder I read today to use affirmations for making shifts in the way you feel. I'm on it!! Great post- thanks

    1. Thanks Judee for your comment. So glad my post is the second reminder you've had about using affirmations. They have helped shift the way I feel many, many times and I affirm using them. Have a wonderful evening.

  4. Nancy I need to get more orange into my life. I had no idea it was an energy infuser. I have too much blue and am always falling asleep from all the calming vibes I get from it.

    1. LOL. Aren't colors amazing? Thanks for your comment and the visit. I tried to post a comment at the Sweet Inspiration Link Party, but couldn't find the place to do it. Did you take off comments or did I overlook something? I pinned many posts instead.

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