Friday, February 15, 2019

Colors for Self-compassion, Healing, and Recovery

Color Tips for Self-compassion

I'm in mourning for my adult son, who died at the end of 2018. From time to time I go into denial. My emotions are strong, as they shift from grief, anger, heartache, anxiety, acceptance, and self-compassion. 

This is Part 3 in my Healing Series and it has
been updated 5/10/2021

A myriad of feelings ebb and flow inside me, as I reflect and honor my emotions and  memories of my dear son.

Healing and recovery through self-compassion is a post that first appeared on this blog on 2/1/19. It lists reasons why self-compassion is effective, especially during challenging times.

My personal experience and research conducted since 1997, when I became a health and lifestyle writer, indicates that color vibrations bypass human reasoning to work at the cellular level. 

Colors are a conduit for positive energy shifts, and serve as a powerful path for healing and recovery.

Specific colors encourage me to make self-care a priority and treat myself with Tender Loving Care (TLC). Colors help me have the motivation to recite affirmations, journal write, and get out outdoors to exercise.

Learn how colors can create a sense of self-compassion for you too with tips below.

This is Part 3 of my Healing Series

BLUE. Brings peace, relaxation, balance, calm, and tranquility. Here's tips to use blue to eliminate pain.

RED. Develops energy, strength, motivation, confidence, will-power, courage, initiative, and focus.

PINK. Soothe your mind, body, and spirit with a color associated with warm feelings, unconditional love, and gentleness. Pink is a mix of red and white combined, and provides a helpful balance of male and female energies that can reduce stress.

ORANGE. Stimulates inner strength, creativity, self-expression, happiness, and puts a new slant on ideas and perspectives. Helpful to relieve depression, negativity, stress, bereavement, and loss.

GREEN. Creates balance, harmony, personal development, self-acceptance, self-compassion, and rejuvenation. Works to lift anxiety, self-pity, and confusion and refresh you.

GOLD. Encourages enthusiasm, balanced thoughts and feelings, and wisdom. It's associated with higher ideals, generosity, and spiritual fulfillment.

TURQUOISE. Reduces stress and fosters cleansing, healing, sharing, friendship, resilience, and tames anxiety and anger.

PURPLE or VIOLET. Symbol of wisdom, dignity, royalty, and spiritual energy. If you seek completion, continuity, or a new beginning, place a purple drawing or representation of a mandala in your home meditation area. Gazing at these hues helps feelings flow freely and enables you to let go of the false illusion of control.

YELLOW. Helps uplift, cleanse, and increases self-confidence. It works on self-control, ability to reason things out, and brings contentment. Yellow stimulates the mind and is healing for depression, despair, fatigue, negativity, sensitivity to criticism, lack of confidence. If you have trouble sleeping, avoid this color as it can produce insomnia or hyperactivity.

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Before you go, take a moment to comment. What things mentioned above resonate with you? 

What colors comfort and support you as you travel over the rough patches of life? 

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  1. Nancy I'm so sorry to hear you recently loss your son. I cannot imagine the pain you are going through. I have a friend who is deep in grief right now also and will share this post with her as she might find it helpful. It's incredible how colours can affect us. Personally I think blue and green have the most effect on me ... the colours of nature. Calming and soothing they are to me. I will read your post again more thoroughly, clicking on the links within it to read at more depth. I wish you comfort and strength as you travel the waves of your grief. Thank you so much for linking up with #ZTT. xo

    1. Thanks Min for the kind words and warm wishes. I need all the support I can get. It was a pleasure visiting #ZTT and love the idea of linking up and reading "Zen" posts. Be well. Hugs, Nan

  2. I am so sorry to read about your son.

    Colours are so part of my life and even moreso as I enjoy creating mandalas and dressing very colourfully. I was always into colour I guess and as a K-2 teacher my classrooms were always bright. But now, post a cancer diagnosis and 4 surgeries, colour is my friend and I love to share my love of it too.
    Denyse #ztt

    1. Thanks Denyse for the visit and comment. Small word; at one time I taught Kindergarten too. And glad you wrote "colour is my friend and I love to share my love of it too." Many Blessings, Nancy Andres

  3. Hi Nancy, I'm so very sorry for your loss and I'm not sure I would ever recover. I do hope that one day the pain will be less for your even though I'm sure some will remain. I found your post about colours very interesting. I recently went to a seminar and a woman touched on the topic of Colurs and what colours we should wear. However, as you have written there is so much more to colours and how they can affect our life. I'd like to explore this area further. Have a beautiful day and I'm sending you love and hugs. Take care of yourself. #ZTT

    1. Thanks Sue for the comment and visit. There are oodles and oodles of posts about colors at this blog. Then, much more info in my self-care journal, "Colors of Joy." It's only offered for sale to US customers, but this is motivating me to get an e-book together that would be offered world wide. I'll do it the way I work and published the journal... On step at a time. Have a beautiful day and be well (Fit and Fab).

  4. I am deeply sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine the level of pain and healing that you must be going through. As to my colors. Red and turquoise have always pulled me.

    1. Thanks so much for your caring. I enjoy learning what colors "pull you." Yes colors have a way of doing that. Have a colorful day and be well.