Thursday, July 1, 2021

20 Easy Ways to Improve Well-being

Self-care Tips at Colors 4 Health

Wellness is not a one size fits all experience, because each of us relies on our own standards and reference point to draw upon. 

Conditions such as the climate where we live may impact the frequency with which we engage in outdoor exercise. Elements including distance to a park, field, forest, or walking path may take away from time spent outdoors. 

Our genetic makeup can predispose some of us to physical and emotional conditions we have little control over, and cultural conditioning may shape how we define and practice self-care. 

Nonetheless, our ability to easily improve mind-body health and sense of well-being is almost limitless. 

I've found that the key to wellness success is to refrain from comparing myself to others, and reserving as much time as I need to do those things that enrich my health.

What follows are self-care practices and lifestyle habits that research and life experience suggests has helped millions of people (including me) develop and enhance mind-body health. 

Rest assured. This post provides some of the best ways to improve overall well-being.

Love unconditionally

Delight in Nature

Journal for Clarity and Insights

Self-care Tips to Improve Well-being

Live with Gratitude

Do Work with Passion and Meaning

Reduce Stress Find Joy with 

Yoga, Tai Chi, Exercise, 

and Meditation  

Recite Affirmations

Self-care and Affirmation Tips
Amazing Affirmation Post

Attend 12 Step Programs, 

Get Treatment for 

Addictions and Mental Health 


Laugh, Dance, Sing, Smile


Help Others

Take Naps

Self-care Tips

Rely on Self-Compassion

Nurture Friendships


Eat Color-rich Fruits, Veggies 

Engage in Creative Endeavors

See Beauty in Life

Forgive Yourself and Others

Fill Your Heart with Kindness

Frolic with Colors

Sense the Wonder of NOW


Carefully consider what well-being looks like for you, and prioritize those things that support your personal concept. 

The law of attraction states what we focus on multiplies, and what we release decreases. In other words, we have the power within to attract and manifest our deepest desires so...

Let's go for it!

What elements do you feel belong on your list of wellness routines and how often do you use them? Please comment below.

Did you get new ideas from my post or does it spark any shift in your thinking? Please explain below.

I read and appreciate every comment and social share. Just understand I will not be able to publish your comment, if it has a link in it. Thanks for your cooperation.

This post is offered for information and entertainment purposes only. If you need physical or mental health advice, consult with a professional.

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  1. What a great post Nancy! I love all the wonderful quotes, resources, and other posts you've linked to - especially the one on how we feel about colors. Thanks for all the inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much for the visit and comment. I worked hard getting this post together and glad you enjoyed it. Have a great weekend and be well and safe.

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  3. Nancy,
    I always enjoy the inspirational ideas and reminders that I find in your posts. Very uplifting. thank you

    1. Happy to know my post provided inspirational ideas and is uplifting. I use all this stuff to help me too. Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs, Nan

  4. I love the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt on having a friendship with oneself before being able to have a true friendship with another. Thanks for sharing that Nan

    1. You are welcome Beth. Wishing you a beautiful day and many opportunities to be your own best friend.

  5. Hi Nancy~
    Great list of ways to improve! I love to get on my yoga mat daily, meditate, and exercise for daily maintenance of body, mind, and soul.
    I love how you've included forgiveness, for ourselves and toward others!
    Visiting today from Dare To Share 😊

    1. Thanks so much for the visit and your feedback. Glad to be at the party with you. Have a beautiful day and stay safe and well.

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  10. Lovely post. Naps really help me through a hard day.

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