Friday, September 16, 2016

Unique Ways Colors are Key to Survival

Colors and Plant and Animal Survival

The color of each plant, mammal, bird, fish, reptile, insect, and amphibian that is alive today is the result of its evolutionary process. Color helps living things fit into their natural surroundings, whether it’s into the wilds of the jungle, plains, mountains, woods, desert, or sea.

Post updated 3/13/2022

In natural habitats, living things take advantage of their color and color patterns in different ways. 

In mating season, the male robin (bird) has bright red breast feathers to attract a mate. The male puffin (another bird) displays bright rings on his beak only during mating season. They fade away the rest of the year. 

Flounder (a type of fish) has scales to blend in with its surroundings and to ward of predators both from below and above. See more about fish camouflage now.

Many species of chameleons have skin that can change color and blend into its environment. Some types of wildlife have skin with spots or stripes, and it's used as disruptive colorization. This means animals including zebras have stripes in colors that disrupt the outline of its shape, and this pattern helps confuse its predators.

An eastern screech owl, who is almost a perfect color match to the bark of trees it hangs out on, can sleep restfully undisturbed, while those animals that hunt for him can’t locate him.

Vivid colors in the animal kingdom can have the reverse effect. They help animals stand out from the crowd. Some animals that display bright colors show they are poisonous. 

On the other hand, there are animals that use warning colors for mimicry. Their color is similar to ones used by dangerous animals, and this disguise offers protection to the harmless animal. 

Sometimes distinct colors act as a warning sign to other animals and people not to trespass. For instance, most of us know when we notice a small black creature scurrying nearby, to check out whether the animal has a white stripe running down its back. We may even have learned the hard way to keep a safe distance from that black and white skunk. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

How to Use Blue and Throat Chakra Energy to Eliminate Pain

Blue Aids Communication and Thoughts at Colors 4 Health

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that literally translates to wheel or disk. In yoga and meditation, chakra refers to wheels of energy or energy moving within and around the body.

Updated 4/24/2021

You may have seen illustrations of the seven main chakras like the one above. It shows the chakras stacked one on top of the other from the root chakra at the bottom to the crown chakra on top. The labels on the left are their Sanskrit names. This picture is a one dimensional representation, but chakras aren’t just related to the physical body. They represent energy in our etheric body.

Etheric energy is chi, life force, prana/breath, and those names given by people around the world, including ones used since the beginning of time.

Etheric energy is around us and in us. It enlivens and nourishes physical matter and is in all space in the universe.

A modern physics term to describe it is a wave-and-particle type of energy. I think of it as a range of frequencies of energy.

This power can be felt and seen by some, and with raised awareness, you can experience more of it too. Etheric energy is comprised of vibrations that sustain life in all beings and in all physical matter in the physical world. It must be present or life ceases to exist.

Visualize a chakra by imagining a swirling wheel of energy , a space where matter and consciousness meet. When it is balanced, chakra energy keeps us animated, healthy, and alive.

Obstacles we imagine in our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or energetic body, will cause us pain and may lead to dis-ease and even illness. 

That’s why I intuitively knew to pay attention to my fifth chakra (includes throat, neck, thyroid, parathyroid, jaw, mouth, tongue, and larynx). Last week, for two agonizing days, I had a “pain in the neck."

This does not turn out to be a sad tale. I had the foresight to summon my throat chakra energy, and take tender loving care of myself while my body had a chance to relax, ground itself, and correct imbalances. 

I made health my priority. I devoted the time and patience it takes to create an atmosphere for self-healing. 

In the past, energy cleansing has been a natural result of allowing my attention to rest in Pure Awareness/ Presence. 

Whenever I have been able to transform my reference point from the "me" that is made up of ego, thoughts, feelings, or past experiences, and connect with my spirit, I'm able to gradually release whatever burdens I have been carrying around.

That's why I suggest you welcome and breathe into your feelings. Accept your current circumstances. Take off your shoes, hug a tree, or stamp your foot to establish a sense of being more rooted and stable. 

Try this on for size. Think of Essence as Mother Earth. This center is the stillness between thoughts. In moments of non-thinking and non-doing we experience now.

Fears Disappear with Throat Chakra Healing

My process was eventful in an internal sort of way. Here are additional things that helped me heal.

The color that corresponds to the fifth chakra is blue/turquoise. Blue gems that are useful in helping to clear the throat and neck area are sapphire, blue topaz, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, and turquoise. My intuition told me that turquoise was the right gem to imagine. 

Then I went to my journal, and my inner knowing guided me to jot down ideas about how this stone and its blue/green energy could help me visualize a good outcome for my situation. I described what it would look like in detail. Then, I sat comfortably in a chair, closed my eyes, and continued to travel inward for answers.

I imagined I could communicate with turquoise and invite it to go to my neck, throat, and heart. All were calling this lovely stone to teach me what I needed to know. I pictured beautiful pieces of turquoise floating to my body, and suddenly remembered I have a necklace made of this southwestern stone. I quickly put in on. 

I discovered that wearing my necklace was comforting. It felt cool on my skin. Any time during the day when my mind became over-active or stressed, I breathed deeply and imagined the stones being able to bypass the chatter in my head. Then I envisioned an arc of blue green light going to that part of me that needed support and peace. 

Turquoise energy from these stones helped me heal. See more about health at

Another technique that worked to calm my mind and warm my body was a deep breathing exercise. Here it is in detail. Yoga Journal Article Explains How to Do Ujjayi Breathing.

Then I tried my hand at singing and chanting and intoned, “Pain, pain, go away. I let go of expectations of how I want someone else to behave.”

Sharing my thoughts, doubts, fears, anger, and judgments by talking with trusted people, helped me look at myself and my part in the scenario. After I shared about the situation and self-validated that I was entitled to my feelings, I was able to create and recite powerful affirmations to change my attitude about what really happened.

I am clear and direct as I ask for support from available people.

I recognize support in the form that it appears.

All my needs are met today as I live in grace.

Glad to report that each time I said these affirmations aloud I felt  more self-contained and relaxed. 

In addition, I applied a homeopathic salve to the skin on my neck and throat areas WebMD Information About Arnica Montana, and used light neck massage too.

In two days my pain was gone. However, I gained several insights from my experience. I'd like to share two special ones with you. 

The first is how closely the mind affects the body and vice versa. 

The second is “It's key to check in with myself often, and resist listening to or believing what someone else says about me, when what they are saying is not true. My happiness and well-being depends on that!

Before you go, please give me feedback on any of these things...

What new things did you learn about the chakras? Please explain.

Are you aware of the mind body connection in your life? How does it show itself to you?

Do you find it hard or easy to express your need for emotional support to others? Why do you think this is so?

My experience helped me remember that the only one I truly need approval from is myself.

Do you know how to listen to yourself with a kind ear? Take it from me, this is a major element for self-healing.

Do you have any tips for self-healing that you'd like to share? Please do.

I so appreciate your visit. Please post your comments in the space provided below and then click publish. No links in comments, as I can't publish them that way.
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