Sunday, December 15, 2019

Happy Holidays Dear Colors 4 Health Blog Readers

I wish you love, health, abundance, and serenity in the New Year.

Be well and live mindfully.

One way to be more mindful is to Start with Mindful Eating.

Next, use ideas in this post to recognize you are enough and it's wise and healthy to be your own best friend. 

Warm Wishes for the Best Year EVER.

Please comment below and reshare on social media. I appreciate the visit, and hope you'll come back soon. 

Visit Colors 4 Health in the New Year. My blog will offer epic lifestyle tips and  show you awesome ways to  use colors to your advantage in 2020. 

Here's one example from a blog post about rainbow colors now.

Here's my parting gift... a link to a youtube video recording of Celine Dion & Josh Groban Singing "The Prayer."

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

5 Tips to Recharge on Your Lunch Break

Updated 1/14/20

Want lifestyle tips to help you use your lunch break to relieve stress, create peace of mind, and renew enthusiasm? Good news. Each activity suggested can easily be completed in a half hour or less.

Even though you may have had a hectic morning, these self-care and time management tips can help recharge your batteries and promote a greater sense of well-being.

5 Tips to Recharge on Your Lunch Break

1. Journal for clarity

To stay on course with daily or weekly personal or career goals, take a few moments to jot down ideas, thoughts, and feelings about the day so far. 

Journal writing helps you acknowledge where you're at, note progress, and point to areas where you still need work.

Journal writing is a spiritual practice as well. It can help you find more self-compassion and gratitude for blessings in your life. 

Unsure about how to start? Reserve time on a break to journal in Colors of Joy: A Woman's Guide for Self-Discovery, Balance, and Bliss. 

Order it Now!

Journal owners say writing in Colors of Joy enables them to express their cares, prioritize time, and learn more about their inner thoughts and feelings in a safe, private place. 

This is what one journal owner wrote:

The cover of Colors of Joy promises an uplifted feeling of freedom and stress reduction. And author Nancy Andres delivers on the promise with affirmations, tools, and exercises that can fill your world with vibrant colors and positive energy! Colors of Joy is a handy book to take with you to read during break times or just keep at your bedside and take a look each morning to match your mood with a color. This is a fun read while you get ready and set to have a wonderful colorful day!

Read more reviews here.

Once you've tried this, proceed to tip 2

2. Detach from electronic devices.

You may be one of the millions of people who suffer from "text neck." Down time is a good time to see ideas to help lessen aches caused by electronic devices. A simple thing to do for a stiff neck is to get on your yoga mat. Then, do yoga poses including the child's pose

A study from the American Psychological Association shows people who are constant checkers of cell phones, email, and social media have considerably higher stress levels than those who take breaks to unplug. Be good to yourself and just do it.

3. Move outdoors and glory in nature.

Give yourself permission to put your career or personal cares and concerns on the shelf for a few minutes. Get outdoors to absorb the feel good vibes of a natural setting and sunlight. 

Many studies indicate being in nature can help reduce the following:  stress, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), inflammation, and improve short term memory

4. Eat Lunch Mindfully.

How to stay on track? Read Key Reasons to Eat Mindfully with Tips to Succeed. 

Practice being fully conscious and present while eating. Mindful eating helps you make better food choices, digest your food fully, and slow down enough to know and enjoy what you're eating.

5. Stand, Stretch, and Move.

Do you sit at a computer or desk for a long stretch of time? It's key to good health to shake out the kinks in mind and body by exercising. A Mayo Clinic post written by Edward R. Laskowski MD describes why The impact of movement — even leisurely movement — can be profound.   

I have recently begun to set my watch to ring at 20 minute intervals, while I am working. When the bell rings, I remember it's time to walk around, hydrate, or do a few yoga poses or qigong exercises.

What self-care practices help you reduce stress and which physical or spiritual activities do you include in your busiest day? How have you managed that? Please share. 

What things do you still need to work on to allow yourself time to recharge during your lunch break? 

Please comment, without putting links in comments. If you share a link I won't be able to publish it that way.

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I appreciate your visit and wish you a joyful, productive day! 

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