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Tips to Help You Use Cool Spring and Summer Colors to Relax

Spring and Summer Colors at Colors 4 Health

Want to know which colors can help you reduce stress and convert tension into calmness this spring and summer?

Post Updated 3/2/2023

You're in luck. Keep on reading to discover which cool shades of blue, green, and purple help you really relax.

Color Tips for Stress Reduction at Colors 4 Health

Tips  to Help You Use Cool Spring and Summer Colors to Relax 

TIP #1

Cool color tones work at the cellular level to evoke the relaxation response. A key reason they work so well is cool tones are ones found in nature. Cool color wavelengths are shorter than warm colored ones. 

Cool shades appear to recede, when seen by the human eye. This makes cool colored objects or spaces feel larger and more open. See more about color psychology principles here. 

Try this. Observe what happens when you envision water, sky, sea, or vegetation. Recall a pleasurable time you've spent in the great outdoors. 

Then, notice each time the mere thought of your hike, boat ride, botanical garden visit, or seeing a magnificent sunset melts stress away.


Be mindful of the colors you choose to include in your home and office. 

When you place lilac flowers in a purple vase or display a rhododendron plant in a cobalt blue flower pot, each cool color vibrates peaceful energy to help you slow down and breathe easier. 

TIP #3

Paint the living room or family room walls with cool toned pastels like baby blue, lilac, or mint to create a calming, relaxing effect. 

Neutrals including soft white, sand beige, and blue-gray can also encourage you to feel serene. Avoid paint colors or wallpaper that is too bold, busy, or frenetic. It can increase your stress level. 

TIP #4

When you are selective and limit the variety of colors and amount of furniture, rugs, drapes, and lamps in your living space, your abode will have a unified, minimalistic feel.  

Learn to simplify home décor to make daily living easier during the lazy, hazy days of spring and summer. For more on this topic read Ways to Welcome and Embrace White Space. 

TIP #5

Consider updating your bedroom colors for spring and summer. Sleep experts agree. Soft blue, the most popular bedroom wall color, is soothing and many hues of blue are well liked by both sexes. 

Envisioning cool colors as you enter your bedroom can settle you down. Think blue, pale purple, or soft green as you climb into bed, and let cool colors soothe you as you drift off into a good night's sleep.

Use Blue in Bedroom for Sound Sleep

TIP # 6

Cool shades of aquamarine, pink, lavender, forest green, night sky blue, and gray/silver evoke thoughts of summer sunrises, cool breezes, summer rain, and relaxing in a cool shower. 

Pair any of these muted tones with light neutrals and dusty blue or beige to freshen up guest bedroom bedding.

TIP #7

Take advantage of green energy. It is a combination of cool blue and vibrant yellow, and is a cool-hued color that helps open your heart for good health and abundance.

Visualize breathing in restorative green energy to reduce anxiety, and promote healing. Green is the color of the Heart Chakra, and learning how to tune into its power will help you feel more balanced and refreshed this spring and summer.

Green and Heart Chakra Energy

TIP #8

Don cool colors and lightweight fabrics to dress comfortably for the season. Get fresh ideas about fashion trend colors for spring 2023.

Just remember, color preferences are subjective and personal. Find and wear those colors that flatter your skin undertone, hair and eye color, and/or personality. When you feel good in the clothes you wear it's reflected in a winning smile. 👍

Please comment below. Share about colors that make you think spring and summer. 

How are you going to update your home, office, or wardrobe for spring and summer?

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    1. Yes, that's how colors work. Which one speaks to you the most?

  3. Cool colours really do help me relax that is for sure! I enjoyed learning more about how and why in your post, Nancy. For me, blue is the most relaxing colour, followed by purple and then green - but I love them all! Thank you for sharing and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party Community.

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