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Use Energy from Green to Refresh You and Your Home

Green Energy at Colors 4 Health

Today I’ll share tips and ideas to

demonstrate how Green Energy and 

its corresponding Feng Shui Element, 

Wood can help rejuvenate your 

living space and you.

Post updated 6/29/2021

National Institute of Health (NIH), 

"Exposure to Neighborhood Green 

Space and Mental Health: Evidence 

from the Survey of the Health of 

Wisconsin," revealed people who 

lived close to green space had lower 

rates of anxiety, depression, and poor 

physical health than those who lived

nearer to the concrete jungle. 

Keep in mind, no matter where you 

live, you can use your imagination 

and ingenuity to fill yourself up

with green energy of a meadow or 

field in the country. 

Read on and discover how simple and 

economical it is to satisfy your need 

for green.

Certain shades of green have

psychological impact on the mind as 

they stimulate energy for improved 

health and well-being. 

Think of bright Kelly green. Does it 

remind you of St. Patrick’s Day or 

something else? 

What about dark or forest green? 

Does that hue make you feel 

reassured and grounded?

There are simple ways to tap into

green energy to refresh your home's 

décor, and enliven body, mind, and 


Greens color your world and may be 

as close by as your plant stand or 


Look at each individual petal of a jade 

or other house plant. 

If you prefer, glance out your window  

at an evergreen or tree (wood and 

green) and look at it closely. 

Then take a tree hugger walk to 

commune with nature. Research 

shows nature walks help improve 

Tree Hugging is Green Energy Activity

While you're at it, observe how many 

shades of green you can find. 

If you see no green anywhere, take in 

the greens from pictures like the one 

right below.

Visualize or See Green to Refresh

Try this green mindfulness 

technique to quiet your mind and help

you create potent green energy. 

Use it to playfully visualize ways 

green can color your body. 

Sit, lie down, or stand in a relaxed 

pose as you say: 

I allow the harmonizing, relaxing 

energies of green vegetation to 

invigorate me. 

Green energy travels to places in my 

body that need nourishment. 

I breathe in refreshing green colors 

and breathe out stress. 

I breathe in seeds for change and 

breathe out outmoded behavior. 

I breathe in joy and release dis-ease.

I breathe in love and release fear. 

Then, say aloud... "Green energies 

are always there for me. I enjoy 

using green in my daily life, because 

harnessing green power helps me 

breathe more deeply, come fully 

back into myself, and thrive."

 Affirmation by Nancy Andres

Another idea that helps put more 

green in your life, is to transform 

stuff that's on hand in new ways. 

Place one of your house plants 

alongside your computer or tablet 
and glance at it often as you work. 

Set the monitor or phone  screen to 

green to soothe eyes. 

Green plants and green screens help 

you work at your electronic device

with less eye strain. 

Write in your journal with a green 

marker. Use green to write a to-do


Green is a signal to proceed, and go

with the flow. 🌲🌵🌴

Notice whether your mood improves, 

as you move green items into your 

living space. 

This color can establish or maintain a 

pathway for renewal, expansion, and 


Display green towels or wooden items 

like a bamboo soap dish or towel 

stand in your bathroom to restore 


Add wooden objects in the bathroom

to promote a sense of grounding. 

Both green and wood promotes 

willingness to take good care of 


Awaken your senses and relax

as you soak in your tub. Scent bath  

with pure essential eucalyptus oil. 

This tree sourced oil soothes tense 

muscles and clears your mind, as it 

washes your cares down the drain. 

It's no wonder many spas use green 

and wooden items in their decorating 


Reserve a spot on the wall for a photo 

or painting of a green landscape. 

Cleanse and "green" the air by placing 

a Boston fern in your bedroom or 

family room. 

Use a green rug in the mud room and 

anywhere you want to encourage 

positive energy to enter your home. 

Find a shade of green paint that 

appeals to you. Use it to paint one or 

more areas to perk things up.

Green is a helpful color to gaze at or 

imagine, when you feel anxious, 

stressed, or worry about money 

coming in. 

When you include green in your 

decorating plan, it helps money 

circulate for you.

Research indicates that of all the 

greens, spring green is most accepted 

and appreciated by both sexes. It 

broadcasts new growth, balance, 

good health, and abundance. 

"Introduce touches of green in your

 living space to enliven, balance, and

 increase your sense of abundance 

and energy. " Nancy Andres

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  1. Green is so healing and energizing. I love taking walks whenever I can, surrounding myself with trees!

    1. Thanks so much Suzi for your comments. I wish you many happy walks surrounded by trees. And have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I know the colors that surround you can affect your mood and state of mind in many ways. I found your post very interesting and it makes me thing of why I love to take walks in the park or in the woods - the feeling of life that just a little bit better no matter what is going on in my live. The soothing sounds or Nature also help to soothe body and mind. Sharing

    1. Wishing you many soothing moments in nature to come and appreciate the support.