Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Want to Feel Stable and Grounded? Use Brown

Tips, Ideas for the Color Brown

Visualizing the color brown is an easy, effective way I use to center myself and feel more grounded.

Brown can help you too. It helps us feel better able to cope with the practicalities of life, and assists us as we organize our belongings or prioritize our to-do list.

Post updated 07/11/2023 

What are your first thoughts or feelings, when I ask you to envision the color brown? Each one of us has our own sensibilities and sensitivities, so there’s no right or wrong answer. 


Brown is an important color in nature. It’s the color of most tree bark and tree trunks, dried leaves, earth, and many animals including apes, lions, deer, brown bears, and even some family dogs and cats. 

Soak up nature’s healing energy by walking in a forest. Hug a tree, if you feel unsteady or want to add more harmony and stability into your day.

Color Tips and Ideas for Brown

Brown is a good camouflage color and helps animals blend into their environment. For more see  Unique Ways Colors are Key to Survival.

If you want to appear inconspicuous wear brown. Brown clothes are slimming, and are a good choice for those who want to blend into the background. 

Wear a brown baseball cap, brown suit, or dress if you want to avoid conflicts at work or home. Think brown and it will help you stay out of a heated argument. 

Brown clothing can also convey the message that you're very conservative or even boring. To enliven brown, accessorize with a turquoise tie or an apricot colored scarf.

Fall and winter brings cooler temperatures to most parts of the country. Try this. Sip a cup of coffee and notice how this beverage's rich brown color and taste affects you. 

I love to sprinkle brown cinnamon spice on top of a cup of cocoa. I inhale its sweet yet pungent aroma, and it reminds me of nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, and cloves that spice up our Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.

When decorating your home or office with brown, understand that too much of it can be overbearing or depressing. 

Select rich colors like white, gold, rust, and orange for the upholstery of dark brown wooden furniture. For an inexpensive way to brighten  a dark brown bedroom set, use colorful gold, rust, green, or red throw pillows on the bed. Use Oriental area rugs to spruce up hardwood flooring and you'll create a cozy, stable setting in which to work or play. See more about the meaning of brown here.

Learn anything new? Please let me know. Try to recall times when brown energy affected you. Please share your experiences with us by commenting in the space provided below. Don't forget to click publish after you enter your feedback. Share the love through social media as well.

My parting thoughts are ...

a little bit of brown goes a long way. It can give you a sense of equilibrium, organize your thoughts, ground and comforts you. 

Before you go, don't forget to comment. Please don't put links in your comments as I'm unable to publish them that way.

How do you feel when you see the color brown, wear it, or use it in your home or office? 

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