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Secrets to Selecting Top Fashion Colors to Flatter You

Colors to Help You Look and Feel Great

This post reveals secrets to selecting top fashion colors to enhance appearance. 

This post has been updated on 12/02/2022.

Keep reading to discover how lifestyle and fashion bloggers, makeup artists, and color experts including me accentuate the positive in our natural complexions. 

It's easy to determine how to do it, and more economical than some may think to put into practice. 

Secrets to Selecting Top Fashion Colors to Flatter Us


VEIN TEST. Look at the underside of arms in natural daylight. If we have a pink or rosy undertone and blue tinted veins we have a cool skin undertone. 
If we have golden, apricot, or green tinted veins we have a warm skin undertone.

Does skin have a neutral undertone, one that is roughly the same color as the actual skin tone? This is fortunate in that a wide array of clothing colors, nail polish, makeup, and accessories will look well on us.
JEWELRY TESTAnother excellent way to determine skin undertone is to do the jewelry test. Hold a gold, then a silver necklace in place under the chin or fasten it around the neck. 

Does Silver, Platinum, White Gold, or Rose Gold light up our face? Then, we are a cool tone person. 

One example of how to select jewelry to align with our skin undertone appears in a blog post from Debbie, the Creative Lifestyle Blogger from Debbie Styles Life. 

She is a cool undertone person who loves silver jewelry and cool gray, which are perfect colors for her. See more about this post at Styling on a Running Errands Day.

If Yellow Gold, Copper, and Bronze metal jewelry looks better than silver tones, we are a warm tone person.

When both silver and gold jewelry both look fine, it's easy to see that we have neutral undertones.

NAIL BED TEST. A third way to determine our skin undertone is to take a peek at our nail bed.
If our nail bed is reddish, pink or blue toned then we fall into the cool tone category.
Does the nail bed tone tend to be more reddish-orange, reddish-blue, pinkish-blue, peachy or yellow-gold? We probably are in the warm tone group.

When we have a combination of both, we are in the neutral group.

SUN EXPOSURE TEST. The fourth way to show which undertone group we are in is to evaluate how our skin is affected by sun exposure.

If we're someone who burns and goes pink after being in the sun, we have cooler tones. 

Those who turn golden-brown are warmer skin toned.

People with neutral undertones can have mixed reactions to sun exposure.                               🌞

Now as promised, discover those colors that work like charms to flatter us.

Top hues for those with cool coloring undertones:

sea shades including cobalt blue, turquoise, teal
icy blues, royal blue, navy
white, cool gray, black, cool gray
greens, especially mint and grass green
frosty purples and pinks, lavender
berry reds including strawberry and raspberry
soft rose and hot pink

Best hues for those with warm coloring undertones:

rich, earthy shades of red
tan, beige, warm grays, off-white
rust and burnt oranges
mustard and citrus yellows
khaki and olive greens
chocolate browns
camel, gold, scarlet red
peach, coral, and red violet

Colors to Help You Look and Feel Great

Fabulous hues for people with neutral coloring undertones:

most colors are attractive on us
our stand out color is true red
softened sherbet shades, including muted raspberry, cream, lemon, and lavender
jewel tones smoky quartz, jade green, or rose quartz work
yet rich, bright, or neon colors may topple the balance in our complexion 

Red is a Color Mentioned at Colors 4 Health

Want to know more about Choosing  Clothing Colors? 

Read Best Clothing Colors for Your Skin Tone.

See Wear Your Colors and Feel Great About Yourself.

Once you observe which colors look best on you, you'll be prepared to make wiser fashion decisions.
Be aware that colors work at the sensory level and bypass thinking. That's why there's no need to stress over choosing the "right" color. 

Use your intuition to help you select your clothes for the day. It will help you pick out those colors that make you feel and look great. 
Before you rush out to buy something new, please pause to take a few moments for a wardrobe inventory. 
Look for creative ways to transform that drab or unattractive outfit hanging in your closet into an updated functional version. 

Here are a few ideas to help you. Drape a colorful scarf (use one of your undertone colors) around the neckline of that 5 or 10 year old dress (maybe one you've rarely wore) to bring it back to life.

 Fasten a necklace in place or don a sweater or jacket in a hue that truly enlivens ho-hum outfits. It will perk you up as well.

Those garments you're ready to release may be just the thing to donate. Thinning out your collection of clothes allows you to really see what is functional and what is not.

Donating, recycling, or selling those things you no longer can use, is also eco-friendly. It reduces the amount of textiles that are dumped in a landfill. 

Another clever way to make a sustainable clothing choice is to update your wardrobe at an Op Shop, an Australian/NZ term for thrift store (short for Opportunity Shop).

Here is Leanne, the Vivacious Midlife Blogger at Cresting the Hill, in wonderful colors that enhance her skin undertone.

Hello - I'm Leanne

She invites you along on an adventure with
 3 Tips for Op Shop Novices-Becoming Sustainably Savvy.

I used to find Thrift Stores dull, dingy, musty and overwhelming. Now I'm discovering they've changed and have a lot to offer the frugal shopper. #sustainable #thrift

When we feel happy in the clothing we wear, it translates to beauty dividends. Radiate your charm by selecting fashion colors that flatter you. 

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One extra tip about fashion flattery is to read new posts in the coming months. I'll share additional elements that help you look and feel your best. 💓

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  1. Hi Nancy - thanks so much for including me in your post - and I loved being described as a Vivacious Midlife blogger! I'm also pleased that I'm naturally choosing colours that suit my cool tones (a fluke but I'm happy to have gotten it right - even if it was by accident!)

    1. Thanks Leanne for participating. I believe your intuition or inner self led you to the most flattering colors and helps you to sparkle. Shine on.

    2. Hi Nancy - just back for #MLSTL and to say that I've shared this on my SM x

    3. Thanks for hosting Leanne and social support. Means the world to me.

  2. Hi Nancy, what an interesting article and tips you have provided. I've not heard of many of these 'tests' to determine my colours. Since retiring I do tend to go for bright colours to lift my mood after years of wearing Corporate Grey! Thanks for sharing at #MLSTL and sharing on SM for you. Have a beautiful day xx

    1. Thanks Sue for the visit and your comment. Understand how bright colors could lift your mood. They do the same for me. Thanks for hosting #MLSTL. Be well, stay safe and well.

  3. Interesting but I have never worn colors that compliment my looks. I know lots do but for me to wear something the style, color, and comfort level has to be something I like and that feels good. Same thing for jewelry, gold and diamonds only! Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 10, open March 1 to 26. All entries shared on social media if share buttons installed. Be sure to check out my other current link parties!

    1. Hi Dee, Thanks for stopping by. Understand about comfort, style, and colors that please. It was a pleasure to link up at your party. Be well and enjoy those colors you like and feel good to you!

  4. Hi Nancy. It was nice to read (and think about) something other than coronavirus. Thanks!

    1. I agree with you Christie about thinking of something else. This blog has many posts to illustrate ways colors can calm, soothe, inspire, and shift our perspective. It's just knowing which ones work for us in those ways. Please stay well and have a beautiful day.

  5. Wow, such a great post! So many fun tips to determine your tone. And I love how you featured other bloggers as well.


    1. Thanks Shelbee for the comment, visit, and opportunity to connect via internet. Play it safe, stay healthy, and have fun this weekend.

  6. Hi Nan, I historically have struggled to know what my "colors" are, and I like your tip on checking nailbed color. I do know that since I have blue eyes and have let my hair go silver, blue is one of my colors for sure.

    1. Hope this post encourages you to relax around choosing colors. Keep posted and, in the future, I'll be addressing hair and eye colors as indicators of colors to wear. Be safe, stay healthy, and enjoy this fine day.