Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Awesome Home and Garden Ideas for Fall

To add more cheer and discover gratitude in daily living, I suggest you place fall colors or décor accents in your kitchen, home, apartment, or garden. Then take a spin around your neighborhood to look for signs and sights of Autumn in the air. 

Post Updated 8/29/21

The ideas in this blog post show you a selection of things I enjoy seeing, doing, or eating, as well as the awesome creations of the season from fellow bloggers near and far. 

Which ones appeal to you? Please let me know in the comments section below. 

How to Use Fall Colors to Awaken Your Senses

When you prepare, serve, and eat a colorful array of fall fruits and vegetables, you'll get important nutrients your body needs to work and play at an optimum level.

For Stunning Tablescape Ideas Drop by at Clearissa Coward's Command Center and see Seven Fall Tablescapes for Your Inspiration

Then travel over to  
Carol Chappell’s blog, Through My Front Porch for a Fall Home Tour. It highlights the lovely autumn touches in her farmhouse décor with traditional ideas too.

breakfast nook table and side board

Next in line is a tip from me to envision the beautiful colors of autumn leaves.

Gold, rust, amber, scarlet, and browns of autumn leaves and soil remind us of transitions. These colors provide grounding energy  to center you and connect you to Mother Earth. 

Then, find more ideas at Improve Health Spend Quality Time in Nature.

What things are you grateful for this fall? Please share that with us in the comments section below. 

I'm thankful for the cooler weather here in Tucson, and happy to be getting outdoors more often.

I'm so grateful for my eyesight, hearing, sense of smell, touch, and taste. 

One day at a time, I'm thankful I follow through on self-care practices that keep my body, mind, and spirit fit. 

As we age, being consistent with self-care is such an important thing we can do for ourselves. 

Another biggy is to appreciate what we have, and give thanks for our blessings. An attitude of gratitude and willingness to learn new things goes a long way in promoting good health, serenity, and happiness. 💓 GIVE THANKS!

Fall can be a time to look inward, and re-evaluate your priorities. Do you feel the need to do that? Please share your thoughts on that as well.

Wishing you a Happy, Safe Halloween and Awesome Fall. Before you go, share the love on social media.

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  1. Nancy
    Fall is my favorite time of year.
    A great season to reflect. Thank you for your ideas.
    xo Lisa S

  2. Thanks for the visit and comment Lisa. I was a first time visitor to your blog and pleased I did. I pinned the post with the vintage stenciled water crock. It looks so attractive. Be well. Please come back again.

  3. We call it Autumn in Australia and it's a lovely time of the year - I liked how you shared the colours and feeling of Autumn without all the Halloween scary stuff that I really dislike. I also enjoy how you guys decorate your houses for the seasons - we don't do that in Oz.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I've shared on my SM :)

    1. Thanks Leanne for the comment, visit, socail shares, and hosting #MLSTL. It's such a fun party! Have a colorful day.

  4. I love the colours of Fall, Nancy and have visited the US at this time of year several times. I remember being in Washington and also Quebec in Canada and the pumpkins everywhere for Halloween. Thanks for sharing at #MLSTL and enjoy your beautiful colours. x

    1. Thanks Sue for your sweet comment and hosting #MLSTL. I'd love to visit your country any season of the year. What's your favorite place to see autumn leaves in Australia? For me in the US it's upstate NY. Be well and lead a colorful life

  5. Hi Nancy,
    I am definitely a spring and summer girl and love the pinks, purples, blues, whites, etc. However, since I've gotten older I am starting to appreciate the fall more. I do love the somewhat cooler weather, the pumpkins, the leaves changing colors ,the sense of community with apple and pumpkin picking etc. Yet, I'm still not an orange and green person. Thanks for a delightful post.. Happy Fall

    1. Hi Judee, Thanks for your visit. Those are wonderful colors you mention, and fun to find out your color preferences. Happy Fall y'all.

  6. Fall colors are pretty but I much prefer spring and especially summer weather best of all :) Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 6. Shared.

  7. Hello Nancy! I love fall leaves, everything pumpkin, and the chance to get out my sweaters and boots.

  8. Hi back to you Chrisie, So glad you love fall leaves, everything pumpkin and the chance to get out your sweaters and boots. Although it's not cool enough to wear sweaters and boots here in so. AZ I can relate to those other things. Just love the cahance to wish you a beautiful day.

  9. Hi Nancy,
    I love the beauty of the falls colors. I always decorate my house according the season with silk flowers and decor. Outside I have pumpkins, different color of Mums on my porch. I have had fall decorations up since Sept and am now converting to Christmas decor. I always love the beautiful fall days that are warm but not hot. Great article.

  10. Great Autumn post. Loved all the color you showed. Great article.
    Lynne, Thrifting Wonderland

    1. Thanks Lynne at Thrifting Wonderland. LOVE Colors and have done much research into their powers. Wishing you a wonderful evening.