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Shower Power and Affirmations

I’ve discovered a fun way to increase my sense of well-being. I combine self-care hygiene of showering and the energetic shift that occurs when I recite affirmations, to improve health and happiness.
This post has been updated 12/21/2020

When you try out this wellness practice, you’ll see how quickly it both cleanses your body and converts negative thinking into more positive attitudes and actions. Why does this pair improve our outlook? Read on.

Bathing in warm or hot water helps wash off more than dirt and grime. The steam from the shower reduces nasal congestion and soothes a sore or hoarse throat. 

When we shower shortly after awakening, the rushing water helps us start the day with a fresh outlook. 

If we choose to take our shower in the evening, it relaxes muscles after a long, tiring day and prepares us for a good night's sleep.

As water from the shower shoots down, the water pressure helps improve blood circulation, opens and unclogs pores, and can even reduce the sensations associated with a headache. This is an easy, natural way to cure headache pain with no side effects.
Observing water's clear, fresh color stills our mind and soothes our spirit. The sound and feel relaxes us.  Use all your senses. Tap into the healing power of running water, and connect with your body’s heat. Open your eyes and mind to cleansing and take the first simple step to refresh yourself.
Now, on to the second part of my equation. The affirmation definition I like best is, “An affirmation is a declaration that confirms something is already true and bountiful in life.” 
When you declare affirmations aloud in the shower, the sound reverberates, and makes two healing modalities more powerful than just one. 

Use shampoo and soap to lather your body. Then as you wash, make brushing motions an inch or two above your torso or on your skin from head to toe.

Imagine brushing off aches and pains, negative thoughts, and heaviness in your heart. Make the motion of removing things from other places, where you sense you need cleansing. Brushing can be done with an actual (touch) or symbolic brush and is a physical way to release stale energy. 

Keep in mind, this process can help you shed fear, anger, grief, or other troubling feeling trapped in your body. So make the motion of brushing off all things that no longer serve you well.

Repeat the following affirmations, as the water washes over you. Speak aloud, with as much conviction as you can muster. 

1. “As the water rushes over my body, I notice my muscles are free of tension, my mind is free of worry, and my thoughts are free of uneasiness about those things that are left undone or I have no control over.”

2. “Shower water and soap cleanses all negative energy from my body, mind, and spirit. I let go of dissatisfaction, judgments, and comparisons with others as cares wash down the drain.”

3. “I move forward and prosper.”

4. "I keep life simple by lovingly focusing on my own business, and gently release thoughts of others and fully appreciate the results of my own actions."

“5. I recognize that self-discovery and healing are day-at-a-time processes. 

6. "I am kind and caring with myself and others."

7. "I learn from my experiences, and understand I have the option of starting over any time I have the need for a do-over."

8. “I live each day with positive intentions, take things in stride, and enjoy challenges."

9. “I visualize myself immersed in a pool of love, peace, and compassion.”

10. “I relish quiet time spent in the shower, and my inner peace is a power of example to others.”

Please comment below in the space provided. 

What self-care activities do you think help you the most and why? 

Do you use affirmations as a self-care helper? Explain.

Are you consistent with your pre or post work self-care routines? Please explain why or why not.

Before I sign off, I encourage you to reserve time to nurture yourself during the holiday season and into the New Year. Warm wishes for vital color energy always, to help you Live Each Day Happy and Free! 

Further reading:

Expressing affirmations aloud is an effective way to reduce tension, and this scientific study from Carnegie Mellon backs it up. 

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