Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March, Relax with Aquamarine and Aqua

Aquamarine and aqua are the calming colors I'll explore during March. Green-blue colors promote a smooth flow of communication and are easy on the eyes. These shades reflect the colors in water and sky, and is a color family that creates a sense of expansiveness and tranquility.

Aquamarine and Aqua are Calming Colors

Please Note: Aquamarine is the name given to the gemstone and aqua is most often used to describe clothing, decor, or a paint color. Paint colors can vary, depending on which paint company you consult. See the photo above and get back to me about how many shades of blue-green you see in the water. I just love the first shade closest to the sea foam.

Put aqua in your life, if your thoughts are jumbled. Its color energy helps clarify perceptions as well as clear out confusion in thoughts and speech. Wear an aqua cap or shirt and breeze through your work. Paint a wall with an aqua hue and notice if you feel more serene.

Don an aqua scarf or tie to help center your body and spirit. Use it when you feel you're in a rut, or find yourself judging the actions of others. Reflect on aqua to help restore your equilibrium and balance. 

To reduce stress, visualize yourself being bathed by the warm, healing waters one finds in the Bahamas or Caribbean. Sailors have used aqua and aquamarine as a good luck charms. Old mariners' tales confirm these colors assure safe travel on water.

Water is the Feng Shui element associated with blues like aqua. Items including a water fountain, aqua vase, or an aqua blue accent pillow can be placed in a room to express the water element. See whether you notice whether you and the activities conducted in that room flow more freely. In Feng Shui, aqua is the color of the throat chakra, and symbol of fluid communication. Here are tips about the water element from Feng Shui Expert, Rodika Tchi Tips-How-To-Use-Color-for-Good-Feng-Shui.

Aquamarine is the modern birthstone of March, and in geological terms, is one of the members of the beryl group of minerals. Gemstones made of aquamarine can range from the palest see-through blue to a darker shade of light blue. Aquamarines are prized for their clarity and transparency. When made into jewelry, they are treasured as decorative necklaces, bracelets, and rings. See more about this lovely gem at Gemselect.com.

Include a touch more aquamarine and aqua into your life during March. Notice the results. Take a moment to reflect on the following questions:

  1. How does aquamarine and aqua make you feel?
  2. What pops into your head when you see these shades of blue-green? 
  3. What memories, people, or things do you associate with this March color? 

I sure would like to hear about it (respond below this post in the space provided), and appreciate the support. 

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  1. that explains it! Aqua is my new favorite color and I need some peace! I am very interested in how color vibrations affect us. I am not cross sensory about it like someone I know, but I am really drawn to coral, and aqua right now, not necessarily together.

    I am so happy you left a comment on my blog and your blog name. I'll be back often to see what you've shared.

    LeeAnna at not afraid of color.

    1. Thanks LeeAnna. Coming from you, that's saying a lot. I LOVE your color sense and fabulous blog. Thanks for reaching out to me and have a wonderful day. Nancy A @ obloggernewbie.blogspot.com

  2. Hi Nancy,
    My best friend's birthday is in March and she is passionate about shades of blue especially Aquamarine and Aqua so I always try to select gifts in those colors for her. She also loves the water and swims like a fish! Those colors are lovely and soothing.They are perfect for her. Thank you for sharing these insights with us at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I'm Pinning and sharing this!

  3. Thanks Deborah. Is you friend soothing to be around? You know, some people have aquamarine and aqua personalities. Sounds like she does. Thanks for getting social with me. Nancy A.

  4. This is very interesting. I love the bright aquamarine color in the water image you have above. I typically wear dark teal scrubs every day, and admit I'm getting a bit sick of them. But, still, I do love the color. Considering how stressful PA school is, I think it's smart the school chose that soothing color for our uniforms. ;-)

    Thanks for visiting Goodlicious and sharing at Turn It Up Tuesday!

    1. Thanks Heather for sharing about the colors featured this month. And a BIG thank you for being such a gracious hostess. Loved my first time visit to Turn it Up Tuesday and look forward to reading, pinning, and sharing those posts that resonate with me. Hugs, Nancy Andres