Thursday, February 15, 2018

Color Ideas to Help You Organize Your Home Office

Colors can increase stamina, encourage a sense of calm or productivity, and help you maintain a consistent work routine.

Do you plan to convert a spare bedroom into a home office, or already have one you’re trying to freshen up? A dedicated office space is often a tax write-off, and the accessibility of walking from one room to the next in your home, condo, or apartment makes the commute to work a dream.

I offer colorful yet inexpensive ideas to make your workplace more user-friendly and efficient.

Paint walls a neutral color such as soft white, off-white, or cream. These colors give even a tiny room a feeling of spaciousness and ease. If you get distracted easily, you may need to paint an accent wall in the grounding colors of brown, rust, or other earthy tones of soil, forest, and the countryside.

Increase efficiency by using colors that reflect and complement the energy of the activities conducted in them. Mental clarity and creativity, for example, are amplified by taking in the color energy of bright yellow. Place a sheet of yellow paper, card, or vase filled with daisies within your range of vision, and discover how quickly your lethargy decreases and your motivation to focus increases.

Keep in mind, that too much of a bold color like sunny yellow, can feel overpowering. When one color monopolizes a home office color scheme, it eventually makes even the liveliest space feel chaotic.

If you want to increase your energy, select accessories and accents in upbeat shades of red, orange, or hot pink. To support physical dexterity and make strides at completing hands-on work, let reds and oranges support you as you gain agility and speed to move ahead. 

Perhaps you’d rather save red to alert you to emergency items. Scoring project files with a bold red pen check or dot captures your attention and reminds you of its importance.

If your workspace colors are too stimulating, calm them down by placing a book or candle on you desk in cool colors including pale peach, lavender, light green, or baby blue.

To streamline things in your office, get rid of junk.  Clear out clutter and curb overactive thought processes by wearing clothing in pleasing shades of blue. 

Display a picture that contains turquoise, teal, or sea blue water. Pause to visualize yourself beside a lovely lake, stream, the ocean, or a bay. 

Imagine water energy helping you proceed with thoughtful mindfulness. Then, start cleaning one corner of your office. Reduce, discard, and donate. When that area is de-cluttered, start on the next and so forth.

Another creative color idea is to take a work break. Get up from your desk, and go for a 5 minute walk outside. Gaze at the blue sky.  It enhances your sense of tranquility, and allows you to refresh mind and body. This is a free way to refresh yourself and resume work with a fresh perspective.

Make a plan to color code hard copies of files, documents, and spreadsheets. You’ll be well on the way to an organized work environment. Want to keep better track of your small business inventory, contacts, and finances?

An excellent color for financial matters is green. Green is the primary Feng Shui color that represents abundance and wealth. Select it if it resonates with you, and want your business to thrive.

Keep it simple and delineate invoices and bills, and other business expenses by marking files with green ball point pen dot. It simplifies things to buy file folders that are green and also come in other attractive colors. Color-coded folders makes it easy to put the appropriate papers in the right file.

Another great way to bring green into your office is with plants that have lush green foliage. This also helps to purify the air. Indoor plants that have good “chi” or life force include bamboo palm, rubber plant, English ivy, ficus, Boston fern, and peace lily.

Work spaces used by bloggers, writers, authors, chefs, and artists are enhanced, when they include a wide palette of colors. Variety encourages a sense of playfulness, ingenuity, and originality.

On the other hand. restful expanses of color can relax you. Painting a wall blue or hanging blue curtains in your home office, can help with communication. 

If your field of expertise is public relations or advertising and you want more clients to flock to your office, display blue colored books, calendars, and other blue pieces in the d├ęcor. Blue is also a good color for healing; use it on folders and papers that identify items like medical expense receipts. See this for additional ways to really relax.

Any way you decorate with color must be in line with your own character. If you’re not sure what to choose, experiment to see whether you work more effectively in an energizing or quiet colored office environment.

Have fun with colors that enable your small business to prosper. Get savvy about color, and pick the best colors for an eye-pleasing work environment. It’s simple and makes good business sense to learn which colors put new life into your business and you.

Please comment below. If it applies, share what your experience has been using colors to organize your home office. Please don't put links in your comment, as I won't be able to publish it that way. 

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