Monday, April 16, 2018

Colors of the Chakras Workshop

Colors of the Chakras Workshop and You're Invited

Restore Balance, Joy, and Vitality with Colors of the Chakras

Where: The Seasoned Woman, the Williams Center, 5460 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson 85711

When: Thurs. April 19, 5-6 PM

Why: Have Fun as Nancy Andres Shows You Ways to Use Colors from the Chakras to Heal and Balance Mind/Body/ Spirit.

Nancy Andres’ Workshop is Complimentary, and Seating is on a First Come First Serve Basis. It’s best to call the Seasoned Woman at 520-745-5942 to confirm.

You'll have an opportunity to see COLORS OF JOY: A WOMAN’S GUIDE FOR SELF-DISCOVERY, BALANCE, AND BLISS. It's a 12 week interactive self-care journal program that helps women use color-coded exercises to explore relationships, nourish secret longings, and find ways to attract more joy into daily living.

Buy an autographed copy for yourself and give another as a colorful birthday, graduation, or thinking of you gift. See more about Nancy Andres’ work at

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Do you have tips that help you restore balance, joy, and vitality each day? Please share them in the comments section below.

Does color energy play a role in your self-discovery and bliss?

Want information to help you understand and use the COLORS of the CHAKRAS more effectively? Willing to learn something new? Sure would love to meet and greet you at this workshop. Please join us. Come on down!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Tips to Help You Keep a Success Journal and Soar in Business and Life!

In the past, I let fear, shyness, low self-esteem, and procrastination stop me from doing things I wanted or needed to do. Can any of you relate?

As a solution to being stuck, I’ve kept a success journal to get more in touch with how I feel and think about going for the gold.

It’s made an astonishing change in how I face down the fear of doing what is right for me, and enables me to make progress in accomplishing my goals.

Wonder what a success journal is and how it can help you feel more self-confident and willing to risk change?

Set up a success journal by grabbing any blank or lined notebook or journal you have on hand. Make it a dedicated place to record the smallest daily forward motion, small victory, accomplishment, or steps you’ve taken to fulfill your heart’s longing. Record even the tiniest way you’ve been accountable for improving yourself and your lifestyle.

Use colored pencils, crayons, markers or colored pens to write. Cut and paste magazine clippings, scraps of colored paper, or any collage material you like. Make it as beautiful as you can. Paste in thank you notes that touched your heart, a certificate, letter of recognition, or awards.

After writing every day for just a few weeks, this is what I discovered…

Tips to Help You Keep a Success Journal and Soar in Business and Life!

Set a Standard for Success: EXAMPLE (EX.) For me, success doesn’t mean mega bucks in my bank account or special title on my office door. I've figured out what success looks like by reviewing my values, ethics, and personal preferences. 

If you compare your accomplishments to things others do, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Strive for improvement in yourself and happiness will be a part of your process rather than judgments and shame.

Focus Attention: (EX.) Write a to-do list with only one or two goals per day. Make each task your first priority, and small enough that it can be completed in a day. Don't allow anything to sidetrack you including your phone, social media, or text messages. 

Roll up your sleeves and get busy. When you actually complete an assignment, take a moment to record how this success made you feel. I wrote and published my woman's self-care journal by using this method. I vowed to write at least one page a day. I found on most days, I wrote many more than one page. On those days that I didn't feel creative, writing or revising one page was good enough for me.

Pace Yourself: (EX) If you have the stamina, start to work on the next goal. If not, take a 15 min. break to walk in nature, read a book, have a cup of peppermint tea, or do a few yoga poses. Then move on to the next to-do item.

To function at your peak, balance work activities with play. Set aside time to participate in a sport, work out at the gym, gather with friends and family, walk with a walking buddy, or take part in any relaxing activity you enjoy.

Learn from past mistakes: (EX) Use a success journal to describe how a setback in the past eventually had a positive outcome. I wrote about my victory to let go of expectations that a business associate would prepare a document exactly the same way as I do. When I was able to recognize and acknowledge we each have our own style of doing things, I found peace and equanimity.

Put a positive spin on self-talk: (EX) Write about yourself and actions by using the expression I “get to” do this rather than “have to” or "should" do this. I tell myself “I’m working on that project and haven’t completed it yet,” instead of I can’t do that.” An optimistic slant and proactive approach helps me feel good about things I need or want to do and helps me persevere.

Be gentle with yourself: (EX) Give yourself permission to be a beginner at new things. Treat yourself as you would, if you were a child learning something new. Some people are quick learners and some take more time. Honor your process and remember...

“Kindness encourages progress and compassion infuses positive karma into each action.” Nancy Andres
Recognize you always have choices: (EX) Instead of getting anxious and bent out of shape about interpersonal relationships, I’ve learned to take as much time as I need to test the waters. I was burned in the past, and as a result my m-o is to be cautious and go slow. This doesn't mean it always has to be this way. After all, I do have choices.  

I also proceeded slowly to approach public speaking many years ago. Over the years, I’ve gotten more comfortable talking to groups. Nonetheless, even today I feel slight nervousness. I think that's good, because my anxiety is what motivates me to prepare fully and think of many ways to make any workshop or seminar I present concise, entertaining, interactive, and informative.

Discover new ways to be more flexible: (EX) When I recorded those tasks I didn’t enjoy, but completed anyway, I realized I could release certain tasks (relegating responsibility to others or eliminating the project entirely). When the same task needs to be done in the future, I’ve decided to surrender it to someone else and remove it from my to-do list. This leaves more time and energy to do something I love.

You don’t need to have all the answers: (EX) I accept that when I lack knowledge or skill about a subject, I have options. I can reach out for help from an available person, take a course, or get expert advice. Sometimes the only way to learn something new or creative comes from trial and error. Be willing to make mistakes and learn from them.

List at least 1 positive thing you did today: EX: Today I woke early so I could meditate. I walked outdoors. I straightened out details of a book I’m reprinting, I called about a product I bought to get info on how to use it more efficiently, and postponed instant gratification of eating chips and had a nourishing bowl of soup instead. Even if the only thing you did today was to lift your head off the pillow and got out of bed, that's a start. Write it down.

Compare worst case and best case scenario: (EX) I coaxed myself to write down what one fear was, and named what I thought would be the worst and best thing to come from it.

This exercise reminded me I could line up a person to bookend. That’s someone I speak to before and after taking an action that I perceive as a "scary deed." Turns out what I thought could happen, never did.

Flex your skill muscles: (EX) Rachel Simmons, author of Enough as She Is: How to Help Girls Move Beyond Impossible Standards of Success to Live Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling Lives inspires me and helps me keep on going. “Skills are like muscles: they must be flexed repeatedly to stay strong and agile. Risk taking is just such a muscle.” Perhaps Simmons words will inspire you too.

Aim High: (EX) Identify things, people, and places you want in your life. After you’ve discovered this, take baby steps to actively pursue those avenues of satisfaction. Momentum encourages more momentum. Just see.

“I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint – and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.” — Oprah Winfrey

Act as if: (EX) If you want some area of your life to improve, act as if it already has. The law of attraction will help it manifest in your life. Include written signs of praise, photos, memos, and objects that validate your efforts. When you're having a challenging day and don't feel like a winner, look at these items and take the word of others.

Don’t Let Your Past Define You: (EX) I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from childhood trauma, and was ashamed and afraid to admit it. I also thought if I show the world my vulnerabilities, it would mean further abuse.

After many years of extensive work on myself, I now know for sure I'm lovable and good enough just the way I am.

That's why I keep on keeping on. I love what I do and show the world my authentic self as I write and publish two blogs: Colors 4 Health and Oblogger Newbie. I also am setting up the second printing of my woman's interactive journal, and present seminars and workshops

Noting my progress in a blog post is positive reinforcement. Stating some of my accomplishments is a healthy action and good for self-esteem. I suggest you do that too!

Here's Are Additional Ideas to

Use Success Journal Pages to Share...

What talents, gifts, skills, knowledge, and know-how you possess that can be of service to others? How did you share your gifts today?

What are your secret longings? Do you dream about making changes in your career, family life, social life, community life, spiritual life, and personal life? What would your day look like if the things you dream about were in your life picture? 

Record those moments, events, or situations today when you made progress in handling a situation in a more positive, effective way?

Celebrate small wins and learn not to minimize forward motion. Draw a picture about how it felt as you crossed the finish line. 

Allow yourself a few moments to celebrate your achievement by sharing it with a mentor, coach, friend, family member, or colleague.

For in-depth help in creating abundance in your life, order a copy of Colors of Joy: A Woman’s Guide for Self-Discovery, Balance, and Bliss. It's designed to dispel negative energy and make you feel vitally alive. 

Colors of Joy guides you through its color-coded journal activities, stimulates your intuition, converts
 confusion to clarity, heightens your senses, and transforms drabness to living color.

Enjoy Colors of Joy at your own pace, and observe how guided journal activities, colors, affirmations, and reflective exercises heal you, support you, and enhance daily living. 

Please buy Colors of Joy now! Proceeds from book sales enable me to provide my blogs commercial free.

Before you go, please comment in the space provided below. Then click publish.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

How to Use Flowers and Plants to Increase Wellness

When you feel down in the dumps, shed the blues by getting outdoors to garden or see what's blooming in your yard, neighborhood, or local plant nursery or garden shop. Studies show that walking in nature reduces stress, and is good for mental and physical health.

Try this. Display flowers in your room, office, or home. It's a simple way to draw positive energy into daily living. 

Make it a point to observe flowers in a mindful way, pedal by pedal, leaf by leaf, and hue by hue. Mindfulness helps calm down overactive thinking and connects you with the bloom in the present moment. 

Another fun way to improve your outlook and sense of well-being is to visualize your favorite flower, plant, or outdoor scene. Imagine yourself romping around in a lovely place, breathing in the fresh air, inhaling delightful aromas, listening to the birds, and observing the sights including the lush green vegetation, sturdy, grounding trees, and colored flowers you love. 

A change of pace and flowery diversion often improves your outlook. In fact, research from Rutgers University suggests that flowers may be potent mood elevators. Those in the study who were given flowers, felt immediate satisfaction, and three days later, still experienced happiness.

That's been my experience too. Richly colored flowers make me smile, and picking a bouquet of wildflowers or admiring the first spring crocus or daffodil, reminds me that a power greater than myself is in my life.

Indoor plants and flowers spruce up a room and also serve to humidify the air, recycle carbon dioxide, and convert it into fresh oxygen. This sure is a boon to wellness.

Cacti is tops for reducing radiation, bacteria, and pollution. Cacti helps absorb carbon dioxide at night to release oxygen. Place cacti in your office to help you work more effectively and add color to your living space. Put it in blue pottery for the bedroom. The color blue and cacti help you sleep better at night.

Give fresh flowers to a loved one to convey you are thinking of them. As you do this, experience the joy of giving. Give yourself fresh flowers too. After all, you're a special someone, and don't need an excuse to be good to yourself. 

Brighten your mood; brighten your day.  Use flowers and plants to increase wellness. You'll be so glad you did.

Don't forget to comment below. I'd love to hear from you.

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Low Cost Colorful Ways to Create an Exercise Habit

Low Cost Colorful Ways to Create and Exercise Habit

If you’re anything like I am, luxuries are the first thing to go when your fiscal belt needs tightening. But health experts agree that exercise isn’t a luxury.

Exercise keeps us physically and mentally healthy and saves on medical bills, lowers stress, and makes us more productive at work. 

That’s why this blog may turn out to be one of the best things you read today. 

25 Low Cost Colorful Ways to Create an Exercise Habit

  • Don colorful, comfortable clothing to stir up interest in exercise
  • Select green, blue, and turquoise exercise clothes to calm and refresh you
  • Dress in red exercise gear to speed up metabolism and as a call to action
  • Tap into the color energy of yellow to make you feel happy
  • Soak up green color energy when you walk in nature
  • Exercise outdoors to get a dose of natural Vitamin D from the sun
  • Find balance and feel grounded by gazing at earth tones as you hike, jog, or run
  • Walk your dog to reap the benefits of exercise and companionship
  • Connect with friends or family to play softball, pickleball, or baseball, and be with loved ones as well as get fit
  • Window shop in a mall; catch up on exercise and errands
  • Say no to pricey gym membership; choose a pay as you go plan
  • Exercise by the TV; work-out as you watch
  • Lift cans, do housework, and garden, instead of buying expensive workout equipment
  • Walk miles in a museum on free admission days
  • Line up an exercise buddy and be accountable to each other
  • Stretch at home or in an office, on your bed, floor, or chair
  • Participate in an exercise research study at a college or medical center to get free health monitoring
  • Swim at a local pool, lake, or the ocean 
  • Ice or roller skate outdoors; get fresh air and playful energy
  • Join a team or class at the Y to be with others who want to keep active and have fun with others 
  • Ride your bicycle to market
  • Climb a hill or stairs and go back down again to pump up metabolism
  • Dance to the music for joy, fun, and exercise
  • Check out your computer, tablet, phone, or library to find exercise apps, Cd’s, or videos
  • Take a healthy lifestyle adult-ed course to increase motivation to improve health
My parting suggestion is that you make color an important aspect of your workout. Consider adding splashes of the right colors to motivate, support, and encourage you.

Further reading:

Do-Anywhere Workout Plan

Use Energy from Green to Refresh You

Use Red to Improve Well-being

Lively Colors to Nurture Your Spirit

Aerobic Exercise and Optimum Health

Please take a moment to comment and share this post with a link back to this site. 

Do you exercise on a regular basis and what motivates you? 

Any tips for my readers and me? 

I appreciate your feedback. Thanks for visiting Colors 4 Health. Please visit again.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Color Ideas to Help You Organize Your Home Office

Colors can increase stamina, encourage a sense of calm or productivity, and help you maintain a consistent work routine.

Do you plan to convert a spare bedroom into a home office, or already have one you’re trying to freshen up? A dedicated office space is often a tax write-off, and the accessibility of walking from one room to the next in your home, condo, or apartment makes the commute to work a dream.

I offer colorful yet inexpensive ideas to make your workplace more user-friendly and efficient.

Paint walls a neutral color such as soft white, off-white, or cream. These colors give even a tiny room a feeling of spaciousness and ease. If you get distracted easily, you may need to paint an accent wall in the grounding colors of brown, rust, or other earthy tones of soil, forest, and the countryside.

Increase efficiency by using colors that reflect and complement the energy of the activities conducted in them. Mental clarity and creativity, for example, are amplified by taking in the color energy of bright yellow. Place a sheet of yellow paper, card, or vase filled with daisies within your range of vision, and discover how quickly your lethargy decreases and your motivation to focus increases.

Keep in mind, that too much of a bold color like sunny yellow, can feel overpowering. When one color monopolizes a home office color scheme, it eventually makes even the liveliest space feel chaotic.

If you want to increase your energy, select accessories and accents in upbeat shades of red, orange, or hot pink. To support physical dexterity and make strides at completing hands-on work, let reds and oranges support you as you gain agility and speed to move ahead. 

Perhaps you’d rather save red to alert you to emergency items. Scoring project files with a bold red pen check or dot captures your attention and reminds you of its importance.

If your workspace colors are too stimulating, calm them down by placing a book or candle on you desk in cool colors including pale peach, lavender, light green, or baby blue.

To streamline things in your office, get rid of junk.  Clear out clutter and curb overactive thought processes by wearing clothing in pleasing shades of blue. 

Display a picture that contains turquoise, teal, or sea blue water. Pause to visualize yourself beside a lovely lake, stream, the ocean, or a bay. 

Imagine water energy helping you proceed with thoughtful mindfulness. Then, start cleaning one corner of your office. Reduce, discard, and donate. When that area is de-cluttered, start on the next and so forth.

Another creative color idea is to take a work break. Get up from your desk, and go for a 5 minute walk outside. Gaze at the blue sky.  It enhances your sense of tranquility, and allows you to refresh mind and body. This is a free way to refresh yourself and resume work with a fresh perspective.

Make a plan to color code hard copies of files, documents, and spreadsheets. You’ll be well on the way to an organized work environment. Want to keep better track of your small business inventory, contacts, and finances?

An excellent color for financial matters is green. Green is the primary Feng Shui color that represents abundance and wealth. Select it if it resonates with you, and want your business to thrive.

Keep it simple and delineate invoices and bills, and other business expenses by marking files with green ball point pen dot. It simplifies things to buy file folders that are green and also come in other attractive colors. Color-coded folders makes it easy to put the appropriate papers in the right file.

Another great way to bring green into your office is with plants that have lush green foliage. This also helps to purify the air. Indoor plants that have good “chi” or life force include bamboo palm, rubber plant, English ivy, ficus, Boston fern, and peace lily.

Work spaces used by bloggers, writers, authors, chefs, and artists are enhanced, when they include a wide palette of colors. Variety encourages a sense of playfulness, ingenuity, and originality.

On the other hand. restful expanses of color can relax you. Painting a wall blue or hanging blue curtains in your home office, can help with communication. 

If your field of expertise is public relations or advertising and you want more clients to flock to your office, display blue colored books, calendars, and other blue pieces in the d├ęcor. Blue is also a good color for healing; use it on folders and papers that identify items like medical expense receipts. See this for additional ways to really relax.

Any way you decorate with color must be in line with your own character. If you’re not sure what to choose, experiment to see whether you work more effectively in an energizing or quiet colored office environment.

Have fun with colors that enable your small business to prosper. Get savvy about color, and pick the best colors for an eye-pleasing work environment. It’s simple and makes good business sense to learn which colors put new life into your business and you.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Use Crown Chakra Energy to Integrate Mind Body Spirit

The Crown Chakra and Om, the Sound of The Seventh Chakra 

The seventh chakra, or Sahaswara, is the chakra of consciousness, pure awareness, and bliss. It is the source of Divine connection. Its vibrations provide powerful energy to sustain our beings and help us rise above earthly concerns.

Chakra means "wheels" in Sanskrit, and describes areas of energy running along our spine. Ancient Hindus formulated that the human body has seven major energy wheels, each a different color and spinning in a clockwise direction. 

The crown chakra is located in our body's uppermost location, at the top of the head or slightly above it. When this center is open and balanced, it makes all the chakras work together for our greatest good. 

The colors most often associated with this chakra are dark purple/violet and white/clear. 

Since ancient times, purple has been associated with the color of the clergy, nobles, and the rich. Those who are attracted to purple may have an artistic or dramatic flair. Some wear it, because they intuitively sense it clears confusion and calms hyperactivity. 

Purple helps others feel energized. Dressing in this color can speed up natural healing energy for mind, body, and spirit. 

Envision purple to encourage your thoughts to lift above ego to a higher plane, a higher consciousness. 

Gaze at objects like lavender or other purple flowers, eat red grapes, red cabbage, or eggplant, or don an amethyst bracelet, necklace, or ring. Enjoy this vibrant color and let it remind you how interconnected you are to everything on our planet.

If the color white resonates with you, visualize white light surrounding you or a loved one. Imagine its energy cleansing, healing, protecting, and raising consciousness. See the planet, a pet, or an acquaintance being helped this way. 

Drape a white cloth around you or surround yourself with white pillows or flowers, symbols of purity and devotion. Let white help motivate you to be of service to others. 

Place a white crystal called selenite in your home or hold a selenite wand in front of your body for its many rejuvenating and mystical properties.

The crown chakra works in a subtle manner. Meditation or other mindfulness practices including color energy visualizations and affirmation recitation enhance this chakras effectiveness. Here are three of my original chakra affirmations for you...

"I Tap into the Universal Source of Love Each Day."

"I Radiate Joy, and my Thoughts and Actions are Insightful and Loving."

"My Chakras are Aligned and Manifest Abundant Energy to Live Joyfully."


Healing arts like acupuncture, tai chi, massage, and yoga seek to stabilize all the chakras by purifying the lower energies and guiding the flow of energy upwards. 

Self-care habits create harmony on the physical, mental, and spiritual level. Allow chakra work to be part of your self-awareness routine.

Remember the flow of "chi " through all our chakras influences health and improves wellbeing. The crown chakra’s job is to integrate all the chakras and their respective qualities.  

The seventh chakra helps us deal with limited thinking and transports us beyond our idea of things to our wise inner core. 

When we study the chakras and witness ourselves as we learn something new, we get closer to our true self, the Divine in us. 

The crown chakra corresponds to the pituitary gland, the “master gland” of the endocrine system. Others believe the 7th chakra controls the pineal gland. This gland contains pigments similar to those found in the eyes, and regulates the action of light on our body. The seventh chakra helps us look inward to infuse spiritual light into our being.

Keep the crown chakra finely tuned, by revisiting the chakras that come below it. Learn ways to re-align the other chakras (from 1 to 6) by clicking on the links that follow:

Before you go, please comment by scrolling down and posting in the space provided. 

I'd love to know if you believe in "chakra power." For me, getting in touch with my chakras makes me feel happy, peaceful, and alive. 

Do you like to wear purple or white and how does that make you feel? Do you wear one or both of these colors often and for what reasons? 

Did my blog post and illustrations help you in some way? Please comment below. 

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