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Ways to Use Colors to Improve Work-Life Balance

There are many ways colors can help you improve your work-life balance. This post suggests colorful ideas to help you set priorities, follow through on things that are really important to you, and reduce the stress of juggling work, play, family, social, and personal needs.

Updated 11/18/20

Try each one on for size. Notice which healthy lifestyle tips make you feel a sense of purpose or enjoyment, allows you to organize your environment so you're free to participate in activities you love, and attracts more of what you want in your life.

Colors work to help you let go of energy blocks. Certain hues help you focus on positive thinking, and the people, places, and things that are healthy for you.

For example, this is what a balanced day looks like for me:

When I wake, if I feel unsettled, I envision RED, the color of the root chakra. Meditating on RED helps me feel centered, provides energy and motivation to get on with my day, and reminds me of my strengths. I may also say affirmations aloud or chant a mantra. If I still need to find my center, I get into the yoga pose, the mountain.

I observe the subtle energy in my mind, body, and spirit and appreciate when I feel aligned. My mood is upbeat, and I'm alert and healthy.  

As I set goals for the day, I’m not conflicted about missing activities that are not priorities for me.  

I may wear clothing and accessories in calming blue, nurturing pink, refreshing green, sunny golden yellow, or bright red. My selection depends on which color energies I need in that moment.

As the day progresses, I'm usually able to easily let go of minor annoyances including what others say they want or expect from me, and make my own time management choices. 

I resist the temptation to be pulled off-course by distractions. I feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, and motivated to make progress.

I curtail checking email, text messages, and social media until after I engage in meaningful career, social, and community activities. 

When something happens to trouble me, I journal about it, share it with a friend, or do some inspirational reading.    

I don't wait until I am thoroughly drained to give myself permission to take time to walk or stretch, sip tea or water, and contact people I care about and interact with them. 

I am consistent with self-care and relaxation practices. I eat nourishing whole foods, exercise most days of the week, get adequate sleep, and have energy and willingness to be there for others. 

In the past, I overextended myself both at work and in personal ways. I learned the hard way, I have more to give if I take care of my own needs before helping someone else. 

Work-life balance does not mean the same thing to everyone. Some of us are introverts, others are extroverts or a combination of both. Some of us are high energy dynamos and others have subtle or sensitive energy levels.

Some of us are CEO's or entrepreneurs; some have careers outside the home; some are stay-at-home parents and/or work from home; some are retired, and some are students. Colors can help all of us. 

Ways to Use Colors to Improve Work-Life Balance

1. Consider the color ideas that follow. See which ones resonate for you and your stage of life. 

Just be aware, colors work at the sensory level and bypass thinking. No need to stress over choosing the right color. Be mindful, and you will be intuitively drawn to those colors you need. 

2. GOLDEN YELLOW. Tune into your mood at various times during the day. If you face a challenge, doubt your abilities, are sad or anxious, or have low energy visualize or place a golden yellow object in your home or workspace. 

Gaze at golden yellow to help you accomplish goals more easily. Yellow is the color associated with the third chakra/solar plexus and using it cheers and empowers you. 

This color energy can invigorate and transform you. To radiate self-confidence and act from your seat of power, use golden yellow.

3. BLUE. Sea blue, aqua, and sapphire are stress-buster colors. Colors of the sky and water are soothing, calming colors

Eating a piece of blue fruit is good for your body and mind. Most are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that help you on a physical and emotional level. Blueberries, blackberries, elderberries, and Damson plums reduce free radical damage and helps calm your mind and enables you to detach from things that are beyond your control.

Blue is an excellent color to use in your bedroom. Pale blue sheets or accent pieces, make your room feel more spacious. 

In Feng Shui, the color blue is associated with the water element and the color blue. Both bring an overall sense of relaxation and healing.

Decorate your bedroom with a blue wall hanging, photo, or drawing. Paint the northern wall blue in any room. This color encourage calmness and clarity both in career communication areas and  prepares you for restful sleep.

4. PINK. Pink helps you love unconditionally and care for your mind, body, and spirit. It's a color associated with warm feelings, self-love, and gentleness. 

Pink is a mix of red and white combined, and provides a helpful balance of male and female energies that can reduce stress.

Wear Pink to lighten up your complexion, warm your heart, and nurture yourself. 

Pink is the color most often associated with breast cancer awareness, and October is the official month to acknowledge it. For ways to improve your breast health, tips on doing a breast self-exam, and other important information read Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. 

5. GREEN. Green has uplifting color vibes to elevate mood and make you feel refreshed and invigorated. Green energy often suggests growth, change, and nature.

Bright green has been adopted by environmentalists to symbolize the planet’s essential need to protect, recycle, grow, and reuse (transform) natural resources. 

Keep a green plant in your apartment or office to cleanse the air and as a sign to get outdoors to exercise and commune with nature. 

Green veggies provide fuel to work and play at peak efficiency. Eat at least one green salad a day , and include a total of 5-9 servings of fresh colorful veggies, legumes, beans, and whole grains each day for optimal health.

Forest green/dark green is often associated with money, prosperity, and ambition. This shade of green works to help you concentrate and suggests prestige, power, and substance. For more read Tips to Help You Keep a Success Journal.


To feel centered, balanced, energized, and serene envision, wear, affirm, meditate, decorate, or journal about those colors that help you stay on-course, motivated, or relaxed. 

Then, recognize you're enough just the way you are, and are a wonderful part of the human race. 

Please comment below.

Which colors are you attracted to?

How does each make you feel?

Do you often feel out of balance or centered during the day or night? 

What helps you focus better at work or enjoy play more?

What things remind you to take "me time?" 

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  1. I've never really thought about focusing in on a colour to change my mood Nancy. I know that certain colours appeal to me more than others - and I'll choose to wear a colour based on whether it makes me feel good or not. I'll have to give this whole concept a bit more thought. Fortunately I seem to have my life in balance atm after all the stress - and that's a great place to be in!
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I've shared on my SM :)

    1. Thanks Leanne for the visit and comment. My pleasure to link up at #MLSTL and thanks for hosting. Such interesting posts. Have a beautiful day and lead a colorful life.

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I can definitely say that color affects my mood. I try to surround myself with bright cheery colors and try to wear the same or add accessories to brighten them up. I love blue and wine colors in my house because it makes me feel calmer and make sure I have seasonal silk flowers that are bright surrounding me. Very good article and I love how you outline everything out that makes it very understandable. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day.

    1. Wonderful use of colors Marla. Happy you put them in your life. Have a healthy, happy, and blessed day too.

  3. Hi Nancy, as you may have read I've been trying to find some balance and direction in my life of late. I didn't realise the power of using colours to assist with work-life balance but such an interesting area to pursue. Thanks for the information and for sharing at #MLSTL it will be quite helpful for me at this stage in my life. Have a great week. x

    1. Thanks Sue for your visit, comment, and hosting #MLSTL. It's such a wonderful blog party. I'm glad my post on colors gave you new information and please let me know how it goes. Have a beautiful day and lead a colorful life!

  4. Hi Nancy, very interesting view on colors and how they can influence our thinking. It is something I hadn't really thought about in depth, but it makes sense. Sharing on SM. #MLSTL

  5. I never thought about choosing my clothes according to my feelings in the way of color, just comfort.

    1. Hi Joyce, Thanks for the visit and comment. You made me smile. Happy I gave you an new idea to consider(choosing clothes according to your feelings). Have a colorful day. Hugs, Nan

  6. Nancy, I find this very interesting! I believe colors help my mood. Thanks for linking up with us at the GATHER OF FRIENDS LINK PARTY 9. Pinned

    1. Know what you mean Sylvia about colors helping mood. Thanks again for hosting and have a colorful week.