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Best Colors to Wear on Valentine’s Day

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What color or colors will you choose to wear on Valentine's Day?

This blog post provides details about the color meanings of RED, WHITE, and PINK, the most popular clothing colors to don on Valentine’s Day.

After you learn what symbols and ideas are associated with each color, you will be better able to select color-infused attire that makes you feel vibrant and most attractive.

RED is the color of romance, passion, love, and lust. Red is the most emotionally intense of all colors, and looking at it or wearing it can increase your heartbeat, metabolism, or even raise blood pressure.

The color red has the longest wave length, and is visible to the eye, even from a long distance away. The color red captures attention.

There are many shades of red including scarlet, ruby, cherry, red wine, strawberry red, cranberry, and burgundy. Wear those that resonate with you.

If you wear a dress, high heels, or hat in a flattering shade of red, it can convey many things such as your availability, liveliness, confidence, and resolve/willpower.

In fact, red is the color that has been chosen to represent heart health. This year National Wear Red Day ® and American Heart Month National Wear Red Day is Friday, February 3, 2023. Wear red to connect with heart health and practice lifestyle habits that help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Heart Health
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Due to its stimulating effect, the color red is an extreme color. It’s sometimes seen as aggressive, so it’s not the best color for business negotiations.

Red clothing, however, does get you noticed, which is why it’s the color of attraction and great for Valentine’s Day.

See "Secrets to Selecting Top Fashion Colors to Flatter You," for help identifying and selecting clothing and accessory colors that complement your skin undertone and look fabulous on you.

Red is a versatile color. It goes well with black, white, pale pink or hot pink, navy blue, and many other colors. However, red isn’t the only color to wear for romance on Valentine’s Day.

WHITE is a color that symbolizes purity, and is a sweet, romantic color. If you have lighter coloring, winter white paired with pink is a beautiful combination. White can also symbolize innocence, eternal love, and love for the divine.

Brides in Western countries commonly wear white wedding dresses. Historically, a connection between the color white and its meaning of purity and goodness to signify a bride’s virginity, started many centuries ago.

There is a strong religious component to the meaning of the color white. It is thought to signify heaven, the divine, and holiness.

Wearing a white blouse, shirt, hat, gloves, jewelry, or scarf can represent spiritual love, purity, reverence, and humility. It can also connote faithfulness, a valuable component in any love relationship.

Use White Accessories on Valentine's Day

Red and white both have distinct individual meanings, but when used together, they often symbolize unity.

Since red and white are Valentine’s Day colors, it makes sense that their union, the color pink, would also represent Valentine’s Day.

Where red symbolizes passion, and white symbolizes purity, the two colors combine to yield a playful, soft, and sweet version of love.

PINK is a color of love and affection. It has a gentler and more tranquilizing effect than red, and is associated more with innocent love.

Pink has a playful quality, one that contrasts red’s deep power, and white’s ethereal elegance. It has a youthful and joyous feel, and is often associated with childhood and young love.

Just like other colors, there are many shades of pink. Darker pink represents a more intense feeling of gratitude and a mysterious sense of attraction.

When you wear lighter shades of pink on Valentine's Day, it expresses love, grace, and appreciation.

Pink colors are associated with femininity, romance, calmness, and tenderness.

Bright shades of pink take on the power of red. They can become soothing with the addition of white.

Pale and light pink colors provide the most calming effects, whereas the brighter pink shades have the opposite effect and are more stimulating.

A specific shade of pink can affect us on a cellular level, and often is influenced by past experiences. Do you associate certain shades of pink with past situations or people?

Light pink colors like baby pink or pale pink are often viewed as soft, healing, and calming, while hot pink or fuchsia might be viewed as bold, exciting, or even alarming. đŸ’—

When choosing your Valentine’s Day outfit, think about getting away from boring black and come alive with your best version of red, white, and pink for romance and/or friendship!


Have you given any thought to what you’re going to wear for Valentine’s Day? Perhaps my post has inspired you to plan ahead.


I’ve decided to wear a comfy, yet cute flannel pajama set that has pink hearts on it.


My husband and I usually don't go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day. Restaurants are crowded, noisy, and they jack up prices for this special occasion.


We prefer to cozy up and make a special dinner for two. This is a fun way to celebrate love.


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  1. I haven't really ever given much thought to what color to wear on Valentine's Day. I do love read and I LOVE pearls. I also love hot pink and probably any pink colors which are all perfect for Valentine's Day. However, my wardrobe is mostly black, white, and some blues. Don't think I own any read. Fun post Nancy!

    1. Thanks Judee for the visit and comment. Have you ever considered wearing a scarf, cap, hat, purse or other accessory in red or hot pink? All go great with black, white, and blues. In any event, Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. When I was working years ago, I had a favorite red dress that made me feel happy. My boss also told me it was my color.

    1. Understand about red making you feel happy. Shades of red make me feel happy too. Happy Valentine's Day dear Carol. Happy Valentine's Day to You.

  3. I like the idea of keeping Valentine's Day simple and cozy. I will probably make a nice dinner, put on my fluffy pink robe, and watch a show with my husband. Thanks for the tips Nan

    1. Thanks for your comment. Wishing you a lovely, cozy Valentine's day.

  4. Nancy,
    Great post. Congratulations, you are being featured on Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. I hope you stop by.

    1. Thanks so much Bev for choosing this post as a feature at Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. I am thrilled and excited. Wishing you a beautiful day and Happy Valentine's Day as well.

  5. Wonderful article. I'm mostly into low-key colors like faded pink or gray but red is flattering depending on my mood

    1. Thanks for your visit and comment. Wishing you a beautiful Valentine's Day.