Saturday, October 1, 2016

Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It's October and the official start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Do you remember when pink became the symbol for breast cancer awareness? 

Pink ribbons and the color pink have been used since the early 1990's to show moral support for those with breast cancer. The first pink ribbons were handed out to all survivors of breast cancer and participants at the first Susan G. Komen Race® for the Cure that was held in NYC on Oct. 13, 1991. Since then, most of us have seen pink ribbons everywhere. Did you know that breast cancer can occur in men as well as women? Breast cancer is 99% curable in either sex, if detected early enough. 

This post has been updated 9/23/2020

It's no wonder pink was the color chosen for this important symbol. Pink is a nurturing, supportive color, one that instinctively reminds us of warm feelings, unconditional love, and gentleness. Pink is red and white combined. This mix provides a helpful balance of male and female energies. Pink can reduce stress associated with navigating the system as well as the fear and doubts the disease sometimes causes. Pink is an important healing color. Emotionally, it can reduce the anxiety patients may experience when trying to communicate effectively with health insurance companies or medical professionals. Everyone being treated for breast cancer has a right to the latest information and best treatment available. It's up to us to stay informed, be pro-active in our own health routines and care, and support those who are challenged by this disease.

Please join in this October to clean up your lifestyle habits. The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. advises us to quit or continue not to smoke, limit alcohol consumption, eat many fruits and veggies each day, stay physically active,
perform monthly breast self-exams, visit our doctor for scheduled clinical breast exams, and determine with the help of our health care provider a schedule for screening mammograms. Nutrition researcher/MD, Dr. Michael Greger provides information about Dietary-Factors-That Affect-Breast-Cancer.

To increase your awareness about the disease, read information I found on the American Cancer Society® Website How to Develop a Plan for Early Breast Cancer Detection.

Think pink, wear pink, and be in the pink about good breast health!

I'd love to know your thoughts about this important subject. Please take a  moment to comment below. 

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  1. Such an important message for all of us. I don't have a lot of pink in my closet, but I think I'm going to be raiding my daughter's cupboard this month. Thank you for sharing the message on Sweet Insiration

    1. Thanks Michelle for joining in the party. Pink is such a comforting color to me, and a fitting symbol for breast cancer awareness month.

  2. HI Nancy,
    Thank you for posting this article. It is so important to bring awareness to breast cancer. I found it very interesting that the color pink was so healing - I love pink and have a lot of clothes that are pink. Sharing!

  3. Nancy, I love that you explained how the color pink was chosen for breast cancer. I never knew that. I am so glad you shared this at the This Is How We Roll Link Party - I think it is important information that we all need to know. I am a 2nd year survivor of breast cancer and I didn't even know that!

    1. Thanks Cynthia for your comments. I envision pink surrounding and affirming you. I'm so happy to learn that you are a 2 year survivor. Hugs, Nancy Andres