Monday, April 1, 2024

Awesome April Affirmations to Support Growth

Blue Bird on a Spring Branch

The month of April has always been a breath of fresh air to me. I sense so much positive energy, and in that frame of mind, I present Awesome April Affirmations to Support Growth.


They were written and are published on Colors 4 Health to support us as we take a personal inventory, release ineffective ideas and habits, and replace them with attitudes and behaviors that help us grow and renew our mind, body, and spirit. 💗


Awesome April Affirmations to Support Growth 

"I let go of anything or anyone that drains my energy and detach with love."

"In a world bustling with activity, I slow down and connect with inner peace, contentment, relaxation, serenity, and joy."

"I use springtime energy to motivate me, and implement new behaviors that uplift me in work, relationships, and daily living."

"I am a spiritual being who is on the planet in human form. I accept and integrate all facets of my make-up. I am fully alive."

"Love and generosity are my aspirations. These superpowers help me see the sacredness in all living things."

"I prepare and eat fresh in-season foods mindfully, and am grateful for shelter, clothing, and a life that serves a higher purpose."

"I affirm I’ll take a nap or go to sleep when tired, and wake up early enough to have time for myself."

"I check-in with myself often, and allow my intuition and experience to guide me to those healthy practices and activities that enrich my mental, physical, spiritual, and social well-being."

"I reconnect with nature each day, and accept responsibility for living more harmoniously with Mother Earth."

Flowering Plants, April Desert

"I am open-minded, and listen to others to better understand their stories and struggles, as well as their hopes and dreams."

"My life is rich, as I live mindfully and sustainably, and appreciate and learn from each experience, person, place, and thing in it."

April Affirmation to Stimulate Growth

Please comment below in the space provided.
Do you ever compose and recite affirmations? Why or why not?
Which affirmations help you shift your focus to positive thoughts? Please explain below.
I read and appreciate every comment, but am not able to publish those that contain links.
Try to be consistent with reciting affirmations aloud for at least three weeks. Pick only those affirmations that resonate with you or write and recite ones of your own. 
Then, check in with yourself to note improved concentration, motivation, self-regard, self-compassion, and self-confidence levels. After three weeks, drop by again to report on your progress as well.
Thanks for the visit and please spread the love on social media with a link back to this post.

P.S. I'm giving you a heads up about Colors 4 Health. For the next two months I won't be posting. I'm taking a much needed break from blogging to reboot, refresh, and restore mind, body, and spirit. See you all at the beginning of June. Wish you a beautiful April and May. Love, Nan

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  1. I felt better after just reading your wonderful affirmations. Thanks

  2. Such great quotes. I love April too. Such a refreshing month. I memorize bible verses as affirmations.

    1. Hi Amy, Thanks for the comment and visit. Your affirmations are a brilliant idea.

  3. I love the April affirmations, especially the one about detaching with love from negative energy. Thanks for sharing, Nan

    1. You are welcome Beth. Wishing you much positive energy and a happy weekend.

  4. This one, "I let go of anything or anyone that drains my energy and detach with love.", has gotten me through a few of toxic situations. I thought simply because they were "family" that I had to endure the negativity. It is so freeing to just let go.