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Best Vintage and DIY Fall Color Décor Ideas

 Vintage and DIY Décor Tips and Ideas

Décor colors for fall may be bold or subdued. This post helps you choose those shades of the autumn color palette to feature in your vintage or DIY projects so they are pleasing to you.


Include warm shades of red, russets, burnt orange, golden yellow, deep green, and rustic brown to help you feel a connection with nature.

Autumn hued colors bring the natural world indoors. Colors transmit healing energy, and reflect the colors of autumn leaves, fall sunsets, apples, pumpkins, squash, acorns, and the promise of fun that's in store this season.

Orange Sunset and Color Vibration


Subtle or neutral colors like loden frost (pale green), light gray, cream, beige, and off white may be more your style, as these colors create a sense of spaciousness and help you feel relaxed.

Vintage and DIY Color Décor Tips and Ideas

Create comfort by snuggling into a soft peachy beige blanket or light teal or turquoise throw pillows. These stress reducing colored objects can instantly make you feel cozier as you sit on your couch or in an armchair.

Best Vintage and DIY Fall Color Décor Ideas

Think about what you want your décor to express. Then, experiment by adding, removing, or moving around area rugs, curtains, drapes, picture frames, candles, or furniture.


Shop your home first. Use what you have to make your living space convey the look you love. If you want to add something, first think of ways to repair what you have, thrift shop for a new item, or swap an item with a relative or friend.

Don't be afraid to mix patterns, layer textures, and display favorite fall accessories. This is a personal way to imagine the season in the most enchanting way.

In fact, it's easy, practical, and grounding to get inspiration from earthy tones and keep them as part of your year-round decorating theme.


Whatever your color preferences, use the colors that resonate with you to decorate your abode. More tips and ideas follow.


Make eco-friendly decorating decisions, by updating vintage accent pieces and furnishings you already own. Upcycle decorations by sanding, mending, and/or painting.

Now on to my fall décor roundup...

Awesome Home and Garden Ideas for Fall illustrates fall color ideas I appreciate, as well as awesome creations from blogs near and far.


Fall Home and Garden Color Tips

Heather McClelland, the craft blogger at demonstrates how to use fall colors to make DIY Easy Fabric Flowers for our Fall Centerpiece.

Next up is Carol Murphy, the blogger. She lives by the gulf coast in Florida and her fall tablescape is tempered by that nautical locale. See her post, A Simple Early Autumn Table to see what I mean.

Christina Dennis, a DIY and home décor expert who hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada shares 2022 Fall Décor Trends (and How to Get Them on a Budget).


Anne and AnnMarie are neighbors and friends, who blog at Simply2Moms. They offer How to Create a Vintage Fall Tablescape for Friendsgiving.

Diane Sudhoff, blogger and entrepreneur from South House Designs, shares a fall decorating tutorial. She skillfully shows us how to add An Unexpected Touch of Fall to a home decorating scheme.

Beverly Carter the talented blogger at Eclectic Red Barn shows us how she Updated a Spinet Flip Top Desk and chair and makes them look fantastic.

Last but not least is Kim, the Pacific Northwest Lifestyle Blogger at Shiplap and Shells who presents How Vintage Inspired Fall Décor Adds Character to Your Home.

Hope you enjoyed this cool collection of colorful vintage and DIY fall decorating ideas. I sure had fun presenting them.🍎🎃


Don't you just think decorating for fall is all about bringing the colors and warmth of the season into our homes and hearts? 💓

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Best wishes for the fall season, and please visit again real soon.


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  1. You've covered a lot of great points about working with colors for fall and still maintaining your personal style. Thanks for adding my post, Early Autumn Table. Link added to my post.

    1. Thanks Carol for participating in this blog roundup post. I love the soft color scheme you've created at your dining table and especially love the upcycled table cloth and soft turquoise blue bird. Wishing you a happy fall.

  2. Loved all your comments and visuals about fall colors. Fall is a favorite season of mine. Last year I decorated a pumpkin with succulents and used it as a centerpiece.

    1. That fall pumpkin and succulent centerpiece sounds grand. Wish I could have seen it. Thanks for your kind words about this post. Wishing you a wonderful autumn Beth.

  3. These are great tips for fall decorating! We've enjoyed checking out the other posts you shared. Thanks so much for including us in your roundup! Pinned!

    1. Dear AnnMarie and Anne, Thanks again for participating in my blog roundup post, "Best Vintage and DIY Fall Color Décor Ideas" at Colors 4 Health. Just love the vintage fall décor you selected and the lovely amber glasses and vintage placemats. Wishing you both a fabulous autumn.

  4. Autumn is my favorite season of the year! Loved these fall decorating tips and I can't wait to put them into practice! Thanks so much for sharing, Nancy!

    1. Thanks Marina for your comment and visit. Wishing you a splendid autumn and thanks again.

  5. This is our first fall in our new house! I am looking forward to getting to decorate. This post is so helpful! Love what you did with everything. Thank you!

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  6. Great fall colors you have here! Perfect tips for this season!

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  7. Hi Nancy, This was a very interesting and enjoyable post. Thanks for everything you brought together! Very inspiring for the fall.

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