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July Fun Facts, Special Days, and Folklore

July Fun, Special Days, and Folklore

There are many reasons why July is a fabulous month. Please keep on reading to learn which July Fun Facts, Special Days, and Folklore delights me. Perhaps you'll find some new July things to love too. 💓

The unique symbols for people born during the month of July include a birthstone, 2 birth month flowers, and 2 astrological signs. Please look below to discover what they are.

Post Updated 6/25/2023

Ruby is the birthstone of July

Ruby is the birth stone of July

Fiery red rubies have been prized throughout the ages and called the “King of Precious Stones.” They attract attention and dazzle, primarily because their deep red color is eye-catching, and produced by traces of the mineral, red chromium. 


Larkspur and Water Lily are July Birth Flowers

Larkspurs belong to a group of tall showy flowers that bloom in beautiful colors including purple, blue, red, yellow, or white. The petals fuse together forming a spur and hence the flower's name. 

Larkspur is a birth flower for July

Water lily, the second July Birth Flower thrives in water as the name implies. Water lily blossom colors range from white to pink, yellow, red, or blue flowers; many of these are of hybrid origin.

Water Lily is a Birth Flower for July

There are 2 Star Signs in July

For those born July 1st through July 22nd, the star sign is Cancer. For those born on or after July 23rd, the star sign is Leo.

Cancer is a Star Sign for July

Those born under the sign of Cancer are said to be loyal friends with great emotional depth.

Leo is a Star Sign for July

Those born under the sign of Leo are said to be very proud people who display great leadership.

More Things to Love about July

The lunar landing happened on July 16, 1969.

July is a great month to go plastic-free and celebrate "Plastic Free July." 

July is the second summer month after June. Its place in the calendar provides time to get used to hotter weather, but plenty of time to swim, play sports, or have many daylight hours to play.

There are several countries which have their Independence Day during the month of July.

The 4th of July is Independence Day in the USA, with fireworks, cookouts, and informal gatherings.

July is usually the warmest month in the Northern Hemisphere, and it can get mega hot. To avoid dehydration, it's key to drink plenty of water. Strong summer rays make wearing sunscreen every day an important thing to remember. 

July 15th is National Give Something Away Day. This is an ideal time to donate items and money, give of your time, and share your bounty. 

To encourage additional generosity and love in July read Best Ways to Inspire Gratitude with Affirmations. 

Sometimes the hot, long days of July are called the "dog days of summer."

Because the temperature climbs in July, it's best to move more slowly than usual. Some people even take an afternoon siesta to relieve stress and restore equilibrium.

Nap time afternoon siesta

July is a good month to catch up on fun reading. See "Summertime and Reading is Easy and Awesome" for book ideas.

Selfcare by relaxing with summer reading

July is a wonderful month to serve the best tomato gazpacho soup to cool off. 

Colorful, flavorful Tomato Gazpacho

In the southern hemisphere, July is, on average, the coldest month of the year, being the second month of winter.

I always eat a lot of fruits and veggies in July and I researched these:

Read about in-season crops in the southern hemisphere during July.

See which fruit is in season here in the northern hemisphere this July. 

Discover three northern hemisphere in-season summer veggies that are health superstars.

July was named after Julius Caesar, and chosen by the Roman senate, because Caesar was born in July.

July 30th is International Day of Friendship, designated by the United Nations General Assembly to honor and give thanks for worldwide relationships that promote peace, unity, and understanding.

July Folklore sayings include the following:

Ne’er trust a July sky.

If ant hills are high in July, the coming winter will be hard.

No tempest, good July.

Whatever July and August do not boil, September cannot fry.

The Buck Full Moon in July, Brightest Full Moon of the Year

July’s full moon, the Buck Full Moon occurs on Monday, July 3rd and reaches its peak illumination at 7:39 am EDT. It's the biggest, brightest super moon of the year. Here's why it’s called the Buck Moon.

Buck Full Moon in July

No matter how busy or laid back July is for you, wishing you a fabulous month of July fun and happenings to enjoy. 🎈🎡🎵🎇

Before you go, please comment below. Which fun facts and July pastimes appeal to you? 

Which hemisphere do you live in and how do you celebrate special days that fall in the month of July? I'd love to know.

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  1. well, I started a very modest garden here on the California north coast. I planted collard greens but the slugs get more of them than I do. I planted several types of potatoes and they are coming up nicely--have to keep adding straw underneath them to hold them up--or whatever--my neighbor/landlady that I am sharing the garden beds with, told me I need to do it. She is growing artichokes--I am cooking two now--and different kinds of berries and squash and corn. I can go into the garden and eat blueberries and raspberries right off the vines. And all around our property are blackberry bushes that will give us their fruit in a month or two--but maybe due to the late rains this year, it may be another month after that.

    1. How wonderful that you are gardening and live more sustainably. Thanks so much for letting us know what you're doing in July. Appreciate the comment and you.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of this cool info. Very nice.

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  3. My mom is a Cancer and my daughter is a Leo and they both fit the descriptions you listed to a tee!

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  4. It is always interesting to read about unknown facts. I enjoyed your post and will try the gazpacho. I especially benefitted from the larger print. Thanks.

    1. Glad you saw and enjoyed this post and wish you a fun July!

  5. July is a great month - love rubies, flowers, and of course reading!

    1. Can relate Carol. Love July for those reasons and more. Have a fun July and be well.