Saturday, April 1, 2017

Select a Car Color That Pleases You

The color car you drive affects your thinking, feelings, and even behavior. It also conveys a sensory message to others about your personality and preferences. Much like the color clothes you like to wear or the color of the furnishings in your home, your vehicle’s hue says a lot about you.

Thinking about purchasing a new car? Do you want or need to keep costs down, and are in the market for a pre-owned model? Maybe you’re in a third category. Nearly 70% of the US population keeps repairing their cars and trucks, until they totally give out and need to be replaced.

According to a report from IHS Automotive, cars are getting more reliable, and Americans are holding onto their vehicles for longer than ever before. The average ownership time for cars and light trucks is approximately 11.5 years. That’s an important reason to devote time to finding a car color that agrees with you. After all, you may be riding around in it for a very long time. If your car’s exterior has gotten rusty or the color has faded, maybe it's time to consider painting it to freshen it up.

Colors transmit energy and influence your car riding experience. If you car’s color resonates with you, seeing it and being enveloped in it can help calm and relax you. Other colors can inspire or invigorate you. That’s why you need to think twice, before selecting a car color. You don't want to jangle your nerves with a color that's too stimulating or easily tire of one that's just ho-hum.

Determine whether replacing your car makes good economic sense and will improve your lifestyle in the long run. Only then, think about whether a different vehicle will mean you’re riding around in a car whose color makes you smile or is way off base.

Simply check out the details below, before you head to the auto showroom or used car lot. If your current auto is a keeper, the list below is a good source of ideas. When your car needs repainting or you're in the market for wheels, use it. Why not pin it for future reference?

Car Color Meanings

Black- a power color, classic, sophisticated, and empowering

Navy or Royal Blue- exudes confidence, credibility, and reassurance

Light Blue-calm, serene, quiet

Gray or Silver- practical, elegant, and futuristic

White- fresh, pure, direct

Red- sensual, excitement, speedy

Yellow-sunny, lively, and young at heart

Tan, Taupe, Brown-timeless, natural, down to earth

Orange-fun-loving, talkative, friendly

Light green/light teal-expansiveness, safety, soothing

I urge you to do your part to conserve precious natural resources, as well as save bucks in fuel costs. Do your share to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the environment by aiming to purchase a hybrid or plug-in model. At the very least, buy one that gets good gas mileage.

Reflect about the car color that attracts you. Does it help you satisfy a need for something you’re trying to expand on? Keep in mind that the color car you drive is a sensory way for you to express your physical, mental, and emotional state. Colors can accentuate your personality. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Think about whether you like to blend in or want to be noticed. Each color has a vibrational frequency all its own. Colors give your body sensory messages that can perk you up or soothe you. Think carefully about what works best for you, and pick a vehicle car color you enjoy.

If I were considering purchasing a car, I'd envision a color that makes me feel happy. At other times, I think I need one that helps me relax or stay attentive. On another day, I imagine a color car that helps me feel grounded. What about you?

Please let me know what car colors appeal to you. What new things did you learn about yourself from my blog post? Please share comments in the space provided below. Whatever color vehicle you drive, remember to follow traffic laws and drive safely. I care about you.


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  1. Hi Nancy,
    If I could afford to buy a new car I would like a light purple one or light blue which I have seen occasionally on the road and they are really pretty. We buy used cars since that what our budget allows and we try to find a color we like and usually do. Our current vehicle is a darker blue and is a nice pleasing color. Tweeted and sharing on google. Happy Spring!

    1. Glad you've found a car ownership plan that works well for you. Our current car is the tan one in the picture and we really enjoy it. If I were getting another, it might be a shade of blue too. Thanks for the support. Many Blessings, Nan

  2. Nancy my dad bought a slightly used car last week. He got a white one and the reason was because of the mileage and the year. I love it! It looks fresh and happy. His primarly reason was not the color but that was not a problem. My son got a new car a few years ago, he chose black as his color. It suits him well. I guess we're a family of opposites.

    1. How amazing. Love the idea that "color selection" is such an individual thing, one with so many options. Thanks for your comments and have a great weekend.