Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wishing You Spring Joy!

I'm Wishing You a Happy Holiday and Joyful Spring!

Show gratitude for our earth for sustaining us. This and every season, do your part to assure, maintain, and improve air quality, water purity, and unpolluted lands.

Be proactive and kind to our planet, animals, and people. See "Tips to Help You Convert to a Greener Lifestyle."

Use live plants, a bouquet of pretty fresh flowers, and a colorful bowl of seasonal fresh fruits or vegetables to bring spring energy into your home.

Adding these touches to your decor livens things up and reminds us of rebirth, joy, and plenty.

This post has been updated 3/29/2020


Need tips to increase joy and improve well-being? Read Self-Care-Activities-to-Encourage-Optimal-Health.

Before you go, please take a moment to comment below. How well are you nurturing yourself this spring? Ask yourself, "What do I enjoy doing for fun?" Then, just do it! 

I love flowers and my experience has been that every time I take in (really see) the beautiful colors of spring, my spirit lifts and I feel great. What about you? 

Don't forget to visit my website, where you can get details about the self-care journal, Colors of Joy: A Woman’s Guide for Self-Discovery, Balance, and Bliss

Colors of Joy guides us along, and shows us ways to use more colors this season. 

Order a copy or two of  Colors of Joy. Notice how easy and fun it is to do the journal exercises, recite affirmations, and
discover color activities that help us feel more pep this spring.  

Colors of Joy makes a wonderful Mother's Day, Birthday,  or Thinking of You gift giving idea as well. No need to travel to pick them up. Order them online!
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  1. Nancy I so agree with you. We get such pleasure from watching the flowers. I go to the farm and look at the wildflowers that grow there. It fills my heart.

    1. "Pleasure" is a good word to describe it. Thanks for the visit and have a fun weekend.

  2. Flowers definitely liven up any room or area! Thanks so much for linking up with me at #AThemedLinkup 14 for Spring Crafts and Decor, open March 29 to April 10. All entries shared on social media if share buttons installed.

  3. Agree with you about how flowers definitely liven up any room or area. Love your link parties and appreciate you hosting as well as the opportunity to participate. Stay safe and well.