Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wear “Your” Colors and Feel Great About Yourself

Which Color Looks Best on You?

What color is the primary one in your wardrobe? Does it flatter your complexion, hair color, and eyes? Want to learn more about how to select fashion colors? I invite you to come along with me to discover the way apparel colors affect how good we feel about ourselves. 

Post Updated 10/1/2020

Studies show when we sense we look attractive, it makes us smile. A smile lights up our face and sends a message to our brain that elevates our mood. 

Researchers at the Face Research Laboratory at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland found that both men and women were more attracted to images of people who made eye contact and smiled than those who did not.

Take it a step further. Notice how many looks you get in return, when you smile. Even when you don't feel happy, smile and observe whether this helps elevate your mood.

Color research indicates certain colors influence our mood, behavior, and stress level. 

When we are in tune with our needs and consciously select an appropriate hue for the effect we desire, we feel more comfortable in our own skin and surroundings, whether it be at home, school, work, or socially. 

Color preferences are purely subjective, but each color has powerful energy that can help us shift thinking, give us more of what we need, and compliment our personality, personal style, and physical coloring. 

Wear "your color" to feel more grounded, poised, and able to focus on the next right move.

Wear Red if you feel tired, lack enthusiasm, want to attract attention or speed up your metabolism.

Wear Blue for easy communication, to center and balance yourself, or when you need peace, calm, solitude, and rest.

Wear Yellow or Gold when you feel confused or indecisive, nervous for unknown reasons, need to relax, have hot flashes or exam stress.

Wear Green when you feel trapped or don't recognize you always have options, a problem with personal relationships, or a need to break rigid patterns.

Wear Purple and Violet to connect with your higher wisdom, speed up the natural healing energy in your body, or use your imagination in practical ways.

Purple is One of My Favorite Colors

Wear Black when you want to feel sophisticated, look slimmer, or make a bold statement of mystery and self-control.

Wear Orange, when you are grieving, want to let go of strong emotions, feel shy and/or want to be more social, or when you feel blocked. Then read Orange to Your Emotional Rescue.

Wear Pink to lighten up your complexion, warm your heart, feel love, and when you sense the need to nurture yourself. Pink is also the symbol for breast cancer awareness month. Read about it here.

Here I am in My Other Current Favorite Color

Now, back to color selection. Color works at the sensory level, and your body instinctively moves toward color harmony and integrates the color vibrations it needs. 

The colors you choose to wear today can help enliven your mood, increase your power of concentration, help you relax or invigorate you. 

My suggestion is to care more about what you think about your insides, than base self-worth on your outside image. 

Try to focus on your fine qualities and assets, instead of getting down on yourself, whether it's a bad hair day or you make a mistake. 

At the end of any day, you are the only person who has to live with yourself. Cherish yourself. Treat yourself with kindness, compassion, and caring, no matter what, and it will show on the outside! 

Please comment below.

What's your favorite color and do you wear clothes made of that color often?

Do you use certain colors to create an effect and which ones are they?

Did you learn anything new about colors today and how do you think that can help you?

 Before you go consider this. The world of color is fascinating. You can be more fascinating too. Which color or colors make you feel great?

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  1. I have a wardrobe of black and white. I just love wearing black and think it looks best on me. I do love Red but I usually just accessorize by wearing red nail polish, red jewelry and accents. Interesting read. Thanks

  2. Thanks Judee for your comment. I bet your black and white color scheme makes selecting clothes to wear easy and is a great way to simplify. Is it? Have a wonderful day.

  3. It is so interesting to learn that each color has powerful energy that can help us shift thinking, give us more of what we need, and compliment our personality, personal style, and physical coloring. I have been drawn to the color black most of my life and I have a large wardrobe of black clothes to show for it. I found your insights about the meaning of each color very helpful and though-provoking. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I’m Pinning and sharing this!

    1. Thanks so much Deborah for your comments and support. I am honored and pleased this post was selected as the Happy Feature at the HHGN Blog Party#114. I am delighted it made you think about colors and how they work in our lives. Have a relaxing evening and thanks again. Nancy Andres