Monday, January 1, 2024

Wishing You Best Beginnings to an Awesome New Year!

Sunrise and a fresh start to the New Year
Sunrise in Tucson, Photo Nancy Andres

New Year’s Day and the month of January are the first pages in a blank book. Write a phenomenal story.

Envision, dream about the coming year.

Let your imagination and intuition soar this year. 

Your Thoughts and Actiobs Matter

Why not set the intention to live your best life ever?

What would that look like?

What people, places, and things do you value? Envision them in your life.

Take steps to improve unfulfilling relationships  and/or limit contact with those people you have outgrown.

What habits and daily routines help you infuse serenity and enjoyment into daily living?

Affirmation recitation is a self-care practice that supports me. It can help you too. 

Affirmations challenge and can conquer self-sabotaging thoughts and/or heighten our ability to sense our inherent worthiness. For maximum effectiveness, compose and chant affirmations aloud.

Exercise and physical movement, a life with purpose, and relaxation/fun/introspection keeps our bodies and minds in shape.

Practice being more self-caring and manage time better. This can be a year when you say no to energy drains. 

Write down things you care about on your calendar, and follow through.

Spend quality time in nature, as it can be both awe-inspiring and healthy. 

Get outdoors more. It's a great way to commune with green spaces and living things, and get a dose of fresh air and Vitamin D. 

Do you find affirmations and other self-care practices helpful in switching off negative thinking or anxiety?

Please share your ideas and comments below.
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💗Wishing you health, happiness, and harmony in the coming years. Let's do our share to create and sustain a peaceful, eco-friendly planet in the future

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  1. Thanks for all the helpful tips, Nan. I find that being out in nature is very relaxing and refreshing.

    1. Thanks Beth for the visit and comment. Wishing you a wonderful New Year and sending you a special hug dear friend.

  2. I love to travel and see new places. As I prepare to return to Tucson for the winter (hope to see you, Nan!) I decided to take an alternate route to see something new rather then go through the same old route that can leave me bored. Ever drive the central valley of Cal? Ugh! So seeing this new place and staying a night or two there is something I am looking forward to. (Not to worry, not driving through the Sierras--there will be snow there any minute.}

    1. Thanks so much Nan for your visit and comment. Glad you are coming back to Tucson, and wish you a scenic and safe trip. Happy New Year dear friend.

  3. Happy New Year. I find that keeping focused on inspirational reading keeps me focused on my goals.

    1. I can so relate. Thanks for the visit and comment and Happy New Year!

  4. May you have an awesome and blessed year. Thanks for sharing this post with us at B&I on FB

  5. Nancy,
    Great inspiration! I need to be reminded-
    Have a wonderful New Year! I am really looking forward to it.
    xo Lisa S

    1. Thanks so much Lisa S. From what you wrote, sounds like you're an optimist. Be well and enjoy!

  6. Hi Nancy- I love your positive attitude and wonderful inspirational tips. They are always great reminders and helpful Hope your New Year is filled with blessings of health and happiness.

    1. It takes work to have a positive attitude and focus on inspiration, and it's worth it. Blogging is a great outlet for the angst I sometimes feel. Makes me feel grateful and empowered I understand my mood, attitude, and focus can be changed and it's up to be to just that. Thanks so much for the New Year wishes and have a lovely dy.

  7. What a great post to read as the new year begins for us. I needed this to remind myself that the new year is always a great time to get a fresh start on living more intentionally. Thanks for sharing all your good tips!

    1. Thanks for your comment and visit. Glad my post serves as a reminder the the new year is always a great time to start on living more intentionally. Happy New Year!