Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Why I am Grateful, Blessed, and Thankful

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As Thanksgiving and the winter holidays draw near, I reserve time to reflect on the personal progress I've made so far this year, and reasons why I am feeling grateful, blessed, and thankful.


I've discovered when I use positive self-talk to describe a shift in my attitude and/or small victories, my encouraging words help me see more clearly the blessings in my life.

Read Motivation from a Word for the Year to learn more.

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Perhaps my research and personal experience on gratitude may help motivate you to identify and appreciate people, places, and things in your life you are grateful for. See Best Ways to Inspire Gratitude with Affirmations for ideas.

Here are current reasons why I keep a gratitude list. It helps me feel more thankful, names my blessings, and helps improve my sense of life satisfaction and even happiness.

Gratitude at Colors 4 Health


I am:

Grateful, blessed, and thankful I am alive, and am happy each day can be a fresh start.

Grateful I usually wake with a grateful heart.

If I wake in a negative space or get grumpy later on, I choose to use one or more of my stockpile of self-care practices that lift my spirit. Some examples include those detailed in Simple Morning Routines to Help Us Thrive All Day.

Mood Elevator Tips and Ideas

Grateful the older I get the more simply I want to live.

Grateful I appreciate what is rather than obsess or complain about what isn’t.
Grateful for the blessing of eye sight. 

Grateful for the blessing of hearing.

Grateful for the blessing of sense of smell.

Grateful for the blessing of sense of touch.

Grateful for the blessing of taste.

Grateful for a bird’s song and children's' laughter.

Grateful for my sense of humor and ability to laugh at myself and back off from judging others.

Grateful for bees and butterflies.

Grateful for the moon, stars, and sun.

Grateful for water to drink, wash, and clean.

Grateful for plants, animals, flowers, weeds, and trees.

Grateful to Mother Nature, the planet, the great outdoors, and beauty in the natural world.

Grateful for my voice and speech, and the ability to communicate.

Grateful for my home and savings so I have necessities and a little extra.

Grateful for healthy food and sustainable clothing and feel the abundance.

Grateful I feel the wonder in music, art, books, and creative endeavors. The arts help me see the world as beautiful and fascinating.

Grateful I am mindful to savor each moment.

Grateful for my legs for allowing me to walk, carry me to places, and enables me to conduct daily activities.

Grateful for my mind and the ability to think, remember, and find solutions.

Grateful for my hands, arms, shoulders, back, and additional organs, systems, and body parts that make me who I am.

Grateful for the love I share with my husband, friends, and family, and grateful I sense they are gifts in my life.

Grateful to be able to feel love, sadness, anger, joy, and a myriad of emotions, as my feelings help me discern what I want more of or less of in my life.

Grateful for mistakes, as they have helped me improve myself and become a more effective person.

Grateful I can start my day over at any time.

Grateful my life has purpose, and feeling grateful helps me be kinder, gentler, and more compassionate with myself and others, both in my thoughts and interactions.💗
Before you go, please comment below.

What things, people, and places are you grateful for and what are your reasons?

Did this post help you recognize some blessings in your life or give you inspiration to reach for new ones?

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Thanks for understanding.

This post is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and not intended for mental health advice.

Be well. Live well. Lead a colorful life.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder of the so many things we have to be grateful for.

    1. You are welcome Nan. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and winter holiday season. Please come back for another visit. This is the place where colors and a healthy lifestyle intersect.

  2. What a thoughtful list! Reading through it definitely gave me more things to be grateful for each and every day. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Cathy and Soko. Wishing you both a Happy Thanksgiving and winter holiday season. Please come back for another visit. This is the place where colors and a healthy lifestyle intersect.

  3. Thanks for an uplifting inspirational post. There are some wonderful suggestions here. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks so much Judee for your kind words. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and be well!

  4. Great post with lots of good reminders of things to be grateful for

    1. Thanks so much Carol for the visit and comment. I'm grateful for you.

  5. This is a wonderful list of gratitude. This year I have been more and more grateful for the Bible and promises of God. SSPS #70

    1. Thanks so much Carol for your comment. Wishing you a Happy Holiday and Peace in the World. Nancy Andres @ Colors 4 Health