Thursday, March 15, 2018

How to Use Flowers and Plants to Increase Wellness

When you feel down in the dumps or on overload, release those sad or stressful feelings by getting outdoors. For an inexpensive, healthy pick-me-up try gardening, or scout out what's blooming in your yard, neighborhood, park, garden, or arboretum. 

Studies show that walking in nature creates wellness by improving mental and physical health.

Updated 8/10/2020

Try this. Display flowers in your room, office, or home. It's a simple way to draw positive energy into daily living. 

Make it a point to observe flowers in a mindful way, pedal by pedal, leaf by leaf, and hue by hue. Mindfulness helps calm down overactive thinking and connects you with the bloom in the present moment. 

Another fun way to improve your outlook and sense of well-being is to visualize your favorite flower, plant, or outdoor scene. Imagine yourself romping around in a lovely place, breathing in the fresh air, inhaling delightful aromas, listening to the birds, and observing the sights including the lush green vegetation, sturdy, grounding trees, and colored flowers you love. 

A change of pace and flowery diversion often improves your outlook. In fact, research from Rutgers University suggests that flowers may be potent mood elevators. Those in the study who were given flowers, felt immediate satisfaction, and three days later, still experienced happiness.

That's been my experience too. Richly colored flowers make me smile, and picking a bouquet of wildflowers or admiring the first spring crocus or daffodil, reminds me that a power greater than myself is in my life.

Indoor plants and flowers spruce up a room and also serve to humidify the air, recycle carbon dioxide, and convert it into fresh oxygen. This sure is a boon to wellness.

Cacti is tops for reducing radiation, bacteria, and pollution. Cacti helps absorb carbon dioxide at night to release oxygen. Place cacti in your office to help you work more effectively and add color to your living space. Put it in blue pottery for the bedroom. The color blue and cacti help you sleep better at night.

Give fresh flowers to a loved one to convey you are thinking of them. As you do this, experience the joy of giving. Give yourself fresh flowers too. After all, you're a special someone, and don't need an excuse to be good to yourself. 

Brighten your mood; brighten your day.  Use flowers and plants to increase wellness. You'll be so glad you did.

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