Sunday, May 14, 2017

Ways to Use Rainbow Colors to Help You Make Positive Changes

Rainbow colors can help you develop greater self-awareness. Certain colors support you, as you learn to relate better with yourself and others, inspire you to grow, and increase your happiness. 

This post has been updated 05/26/22 

Practice noticing what things you prefer to do, and what makes you feel comfortable and lively. Make decisions based on that. To feel more life satisfaction, set the intention to amend your attitudes or behavior to enrich the quality of daily living.

Having alternatives about how to behave, rather than just responding in whatever way you’re used to doing things, gives you the freedom to act in a life-affirming way. This is especially true, if the coping skills you tried as a child, young adult, or "grown-up" have led to frustration and dead ends. 

Are you tired of repeating the same mistakes over and over again?


Here are Rainbow Color Characteristics and Great Ways to Use Them:

Red: excitement, passion, courage, love

Orange: social, enthusiastic, self-assurance, playfulness

Yellow: cheerful, sunny, optimism, clarity of thought

Green: fresh start, wellness, stress reduction, growth

Blue: soothing, cleansing, unifying, eases communication

Indigo: intelligence, idealism, intuition, infinity

Violet: inspiration, wisdom, spirit, royalty

Use RED when you feel stuck in a rut, lack enthusiasm, and want motivation to act.

Use ORANGE when you feel shy, are grieving, or want to be more social and vivacious.

Use YELLOW when you feel grouchy, need cheering, or your thoughts are confused.

Use GREEN when you feel up tight, experience eye strain, or want to begin your day over.

Use BLUE when you are agitated, thirsty, nervous, and tongue tied.

Use INDIGO when you feel less than, want to stick to your principles, lose touch with your inner knowing, or ego energy is too high.

Use VIOLET when you want to connect with spirit, are working to heal physical or emotional issues, and connect to higher consciousness.

Colors bypass old patterns and rationalizing. They interact with you at the cellular level. 

Colors are instinctual, so envision, wear, or decorate with those that call to you. 

Colors are energetic powerhouses that rejuvenate, restore, encourage, and motivate you to change attitudes as well as behaviors. 

Have fun as you visualize, affirm, and take in those colors you sense you need.


Did you know rainbows are actually full circles of light? Most people view a rainbow on the ground, and that’s why they look like a semi-circle or arc of the rainbow that forms in the sky.

Rainbows appear because of both reflection and refraction (bending) of light in water droplets in the atmosphere. Rainbows can be seen not just in or after a rain shower, but are seen in mist, spray, fog, and dew. Visibility is possible, whenever there are water drops in the air and the light shines from behind at a 42 degree angle (opposite from the sun). For a cool rendition of Over the Rainbow listen to Judy Garland Sing on YOUTUBE.

Rainbows have been a sign or hope, happiness, and harmony to me. The picture below is one I snapped right after a rain storm.

The bottom part of the color spectrum wasn’t visible at the angle where I stood. Do you know what colors are missing? Isn’t it fun to capture a rainbow in a photo? 

Perhaps when you do, you’ll think of that pot of gold. Do you want to be the one to come along and claim it?

I wonder how many people nowadays know this rainbow legend; at the end of every rainbow lays a pot of gold just waiting for the right person to discover it.

Before you go, please share a memory you associate with rainbows.

Do you see rainbows often and how do they make you feel?

What color or colors do you think inspire you to be more truly who you are meant to be?

Share your experiences, comments, and questions in the comment section below. Please no links in comments as they won't be published that way.

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  1. Hi Nancy,
    This was a very interesting post. I was aware of some of the affects of some colors but not all of these. I have seen some rainbows that have many colors in and they are the most amazing sight. Seeing a rainbow does make me feel anew and joyful - which was God's promise after Noah and the Ark came through the destruction of the world from water. He promised that he would never destroy the world by water and the rainbow was the sign of a new world. Thanks for sharing all this great information about color. have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

    1. Thanks Marla. Yes, rainbows are signs for many people including me. Have a happy, healthy, and blessed day too!

    2. I actually changed the colours in my house I changed a red wall to a pale green wall and there was a marked difference in peoples behaviour.

    3. Thanks Amber for your comment. That is so cool that you noticed the change in behavior. Yes, I have studied colors for many years and know they are powerful and marvelous. By the way, your comment slipped by me and I just saw this today. Sorry for the delay in publishing it. Have a great weekend.

  2. Nancy I love looking at the rainbows after a good rain. We get them quite often here too since I live right next to the bay. Isn't it incredible what nature is capable of?

  3. You are so fortunate to live next to the bay. And yes, nature is amazing. Have a great weekend and Many Blessings, Nancy Andres

  4. Very beautiful rainbow picture Nancy. I moved from a gorgeous mountainous area to a rather meh prairie area of Canada. One of the things that I do enjoy about the prairies is because of the flatness you will sometimes see multiple rainbows.

    1. Just realized I'd didn't see this until I updated this post on 6 20 19. Sorry about that Leanna. Lucky you with seeing multiple rainbows. Wishing you a beautiful day and many rainbows!!!

  5. HI Nancy,
    Since I already commented before I'll just say Congratulations on being featured on Healthy Happy Green & Natural blog hop.Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

    1. Thanks Marla. Appreciate your support. Have a lovely day and be well.