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Ways to Supercharge Self-care in the New Year

 Self-care Ideas and Tips

This post illustrates powerful self-care ideas to help us reflect, reset, and revitalize our mindset to supercharge self-care in the New Year.

Ways to Supercharge Self-care in the New Year

Reflect about What is Working Well

January is a good time to focus on positive energy and notice what is working well in our lives. Whenever we pause to appreciate our progress and/or success in achieving our goals, we feel increased life satisfaction. 

self-care tip to use journal writing

Plan to start one small, manageable project or goal each day. Do it first thing, because dealing with our priorities reduces stress, fuels enthusiasm, increases productivity, and puts our attention on things that make the most difference to our sense of well-being.

Success encourages more success, and it's simple to use the law of attraction to draw more of what we want into our lives. Envision what we desire now, and manifest it by being persistent with the footwork and consistent with self-care.  

Self-care and the Law of Attraction

Clear Home Environment of Toxins

Take 10 minutes a day to weed out those household items that aren’t useful, beautiful, healthy, or meaningful to us. As we gradually make our abode more comfortable and functional, our living space becomes more of a sanctuary/retreat from the outside world. 

Choose to use eco-friendly soap, detergent, and shampoo instead of harsher chemical ones. Prevent skin irritations and don't harm skin, body, air, and planet by selecting cleaning products that are biodegradable and have minimal packaging. They are safer for the environment, and avoids pouring toxic chemicals down the drain or dumping containers they came in into a landfill. Read Frugal Ways to Live Greener and Healthier at Home for additional tips.

Green Tips for Healthy Living

Just as we revitalize living space by donating and recycle those things that are cluttering our home, we can let go of those thoughts, ideas, and behaviors we have outgrown. Look below for ways to do that.

Reframe Ideas about Who We Are

Question old thinking patterns, and adopt a kinder, more tender, supportive attitude toward ourselves. Read 9 Practices to Help You See You are Enough for additional ideas.

Self-love encourages us to have confidence to change aspects of our makeup that no longer serve us well.

Instead of telling ourselves we will never improve our skills in a particular area, we can coax ourselves to take a class in computer programming, accounting, singing, or public speaking. When we admit we don't know everything and are procrastinating for fear of making mistakes, it's easier to get help and training to learn something new.

Make a Financial Plan and Follow It

It's important to put together a financial plan or find a professional financial planner to help us make one. When we are mindful about controlling our income, expenses, and investments, we can better manage our money and achieve our life goals.

Experts advise us to set aside a portion of our income each week or month to put into a savings and/or investment account. Earmarking a small percentage of our earnings for savings and to contribute to a IRA or 401K are sound self-care practices. Read How much of your salary should you reserve each month for savings?

The first step in securing our financial future is to be intentional about the money we save, and recognize that setting this intention to delay gratification will pay off down the line.

Value Exercise, an Antidote for Unexpressed Emotions

Our feelings come alive in our bodies, not our heads. When we are physically active, pent up emotions may bubble to the surface. 

As scary as it can be, feeling our feelings is vital to self-care. Try a yoga class, tennis, a workout with weights, or even a long walk or run in nature to balance mind, emotions, and body .

Self-care Tips at Colors 4 Health

Reserve Time for People

Human beings are social animals, but each of us has slightly different social needs. As part of our wellness and time management routines, we need to build enough time into our schedule to maintain a fulfilling social life.

The greatest gift we can give to friends and family is to reach out to speak with or be with them. Even when we are swamped with work,  making time for people nurtures our spirits.

A chat with a close buddy or relative that includes active listening can lift a blue mood, bring clarity to issues we are working through, and boost joy both for the giver and receiver. 💓

We are never too old to learn new tricks. This New Year I wish you many opportunities to Supercharge Self-care. 💓

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Which self-care practices have you used to help reduce stress and create ease?

Which self-care practices do you want to use more often in the New Year?

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Wishing you a colorful New Year and many moments of health, peace, LOVE, and light each day!

Lead a colorful life!

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  1. A therapist once asked me if I thought I was "good enough." So simple. Am I good enough? Yes I am. So what more do I need to be? Perfect? A star? No, never asspired to those things. That question meant all the world to me and set me on a more contented path.

    1. Those words "good enough" have been so freeing to me as well. Glad they resonate with you and set you on a more contented path. Happy New Year!

  2. love these ideas it makes me jump off the bed now and start my day to declutter my room

    1. Hear your excitement in what you write Jeannie. Good luck and best wishes for a wonderful year!

  3. I love these ideas! I think staying on top of your finances can be a great form of self care. No more anxiety about where money is at, you know where your money is and where it is going. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

    1. Yes indeed you are right about a financial plan being a great form of self-care. Thanks so much for visiting and have a serene day!

  4. Great ideas. They are well thought out and very helpful. It's always good to have a plan especially for self-care for the New Year. Thanks Nancy

  5. Thanks for your sharing and visiting my Blog:)

  6. I love this post. Great way to start the new year.

    1. Thanks Rebecca for the visit and kind comment. Best wishes for a abundant New Year.

  7. I love this post. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Brilliant article thank you. There is something you've mentioned here to jar each of us I think. So encouraging to think of devoting 10 minutes to the most important item on your list when you have the energy. Cutting any task down to size makes it achievable and combats stress!

    1. Thanks so much Pamela. Appreciate the feedback. Have a beautiful day.

  9. Great tips for self-care at any time of the year. Thank you for sharing this post in the Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 54.

    1. Thank you Carol for hosting Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 54, and your comment here at Colors 4 Health. Have a fabulous week and be well.