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Unique Valentine's Day Present Ideas

Sure. Flowers and chocolates are standard fare. But if you want to delight that special someone this Valentine's Day, a handcrafted gift can't be beat. It's original, thoughtful, and sure to be treasured. (Updated 1/27/19)

Make it a One-of-a-Kind Treat

A wonderful thing I've learned from studying geology, is that mining for details about rocks has revealed unique rock formations. Check this out. Incredible-Rock-Formations. 

Rocks often contain semiprecious or precious stones within. Some attract the eye with vivid colors, even at first glance. Others look best when polished, cut, or crafted to bring out their hidden brilliance.

Research and investigation shows that specific crystals, stones, and rocks  have healing or balancing qualities. Others are energizing or encourage spiritual transformation. 

A neat gift for your Valentine is a piece of jewelry made of Amethyst Quartz. It's the official birthstone of February. Amethyst, in the rough, looks beautiful and decorative. A fine jeweler can mount a naturally formed crystal or rough stone into a setting that looks grand. 

Before you order personalized jewelry, it's best to check with the recipient to make sure he or she approves of your choice. 

Another way to get gift ideas that will be appreciated is to listen closely to those things your loved one says he or she likes or wishes they could own.

A third choice is to purchase a gift certificate for your partner, spouse, mother, sister, brother, or friend. Amethyst jewels can range in price, so be kind to your budget and purchase only ones you can afford.

Amethyst Crystals on Display at Arizona Lapidary

Like to learn why Amethyst Quartz is such a good bet? Its violet, purple, and lavender shades are eye-catching. Violet relates to the crown of the head and the crown chakra, the gateway for spiritual energy and creativity. Amethyst stones can help you transform set patterns and habits that concern ideas and emotions. It lessens anger and rage, fear and anxiety, and clarifies dreams. It also has magnetic energy and can accelerate all processes of mind, body, and spirit.

Make it Heart-shaped to Celebrate Love

A wonderful Tucson artist, Lisa Agababian, crafts stunning heart-shaped wall art, perfect for Valentine's Day. See More Designs at Fuchsia Designs Gallery of Hearts

Lisa Agababian/Artist

Lisa says, "I first touched clay at the age of seven, and it both relaxed, comforted and lit me up way back then, and does the same for me today.  

Transforming a ball of mud into something that speaks my truth, and communicates while touching the hearts of others, in simple and profound ways, is my bliss.  

I am absolutely grateful & joyful to be living my purpose, and offer workshops and classes as well.  This is my passion, my process, and my gift to YOU!  You may say I'm a dreamer, but thankfully I'm not the only one.  Spreading Peace, Beauty and Love through Self-Care, Self-Discovery, & Self-Expression with Clay!"

Please Note: I have supplied the gift ideas mentioned above, because I feel they are cool things to get as presents. I do not represent any person or business included above, and have not received compensation for showing these artifacts. Ordering, financial transactions, and shipping arrangements are to be made directly with the vendors.

Make it Colorful, Inviting, and Useful 

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What gift would you like to receive this Valentine's Day?

What's the most memorable gift you've ever given yourself?

How do you make each day special for yourself? For your loved ones?

Please comment below in the space provided.

Wishing my dear visitors, readers, and wonderful friends and family a Sweet, Juicy Valentine's Day! 

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